Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Over The Edge 99 & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Over The Edge 99 & More
March 8, 2020

As we prepare to watch WWE Elimination Chamber here at the prestigious Salt Palace, the home of DougMaynard.com, it’s a good time to ignore the ramblings of Coach, Otunga, Charlie, and the rest of the panel and do something that matters. That means answering a few questions and doing an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Erick & Larry S. have both sent me several questions and I thank you very much. Now, let’s see if I can come up with some answers. Let’s do this…

Should WWE have stopped the show at Over The Edge 1999 after Owen Hart passed away or was WWE right to say the show must go on?

I remember where I was when we found out that Owen Hart had passed away and obviously in hindsight, I would say stop the show. But in the heat of the moment, as it happened, I can’t criticize or second-guess Vince’s call and his decision. The old cliche’, as you even said in your question, is that the show must go on. WWE had a live audience both in the Kemper Arena and watching at home and those people had paid for a show and to stop things then and there would have cost WWE millions of dollars and this was at a time that the then-WWF wasn’t worth billions, but instead was having some rough times. Canceling the show could have ended up bankrupting the company. So my heart says cancel the show and I’d like to think that I would do so if it was my call, but the practical side of me can see why Vince didn’t and I can’t say for sure, unless I was in the position that Vince was in that night, what I would do.

Would you like to see Kelly Kelly make a full-time return to WWE?

Not really. She didn’t do anything for me when she was a full-time member of the WWE family and roster and I don’t see much use for her now either. If Victoria was to come back, I’d be happy. Same with Molly or Nidia or Ivory or even (and I never thought I’d say this) Sable. But Kelly Kelly? I don’t think so.

What did you think about AEW Revolution or Orange Cassidy’s match with Pac?

I’m an Orange Cassidy fan since the first time I saw one of his matches, but I was wondering how he would work in a major company against more serious wrestlers. Well, Pac is about as serious as they come and this was a damn good match. Cassidy can go when he needs to and I think he proved in this match that there is a place for him in a company like AEW.

Should WWE cancel Wrestlemania 36 due to the Coronavirus?

Nope. The Coronavirus has a 98% survival rate and in all honesty, isn’t any worse than a strong strain of the flu. With proper precautions and come common sense, and maybe a lot less hype from the so-called media, there shouldn’t be any reason to not continue with Mania as scheduled. The show must go on.

What do you think of Cody Rhodes’s new tattoo?

I answered this a few days ago and I’ll answer it again. It’s freakin’ ugly. There are two places that I feel you should never get tattooed and that would be on the neck and the face. I like tattoos as much as anyone and have three myself, but Cody making the decision to get that tattoo and where he placed it, that was not a good decision.

Who was the greatest World Champion of All Time?

There are so many great men and women who have been recognized as World Champion over the history of pro wrestling, it’s impossible to pick just one person as the best. But if I can only pick one, I’ll go with the man who won the title (officially) 16-times and unofficially, far more times than that, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Woooooooooooooo!

Brock versus Haku in a shoot. Who wins?

Is Haku sober or drinking? Brock is bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled in different styles of physical combat, but Haku is Haku and that man is crazy. He ain’t freakin’ human. I think they fight, destroy a building or two and then say screw it and share a few beers instead. Or Brock wins. Take your pick.

Would you like to see Mickie James return to action in WWE and what would you like to see her role be?

I am ready for Mickie to be medically cleared and step back inside the WWE ring and wrestle again. As for her role, while I’m always happy to see her wrestle, I do realize that she’s nearly 40 years old and her days as an active in-ring performer may be winding down so how about a role as a manager, not just for women, but maybe a whole stable of performers instead. Think a modern version of Sister Sherri or Madusa with the Dangerous Alliance and put Mickie in that role and there you go. I’d love to see that.

Top 3 ring entrances of all time?

I’ll go with Undertaker, Sheamus & Cesaro as “The Bar” and Bray Wyatt’s “Wyatt Family” entrance. “We’re Here!”

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome. So far, the Elimination Chamber has been pretty decent. Watch it if you can. Until the next time, take care and I’ll see you later.


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