Ultimate Wrestling Q&A (Deluxe Edition): Wrestlemania, Del Rio, Bryan St. John & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Deluxe Edition: Mania, Alberto Del Rio, Bryan St. John & More
March 19, 2020

Welcome to the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I have a lot of questions to tackle today (and more waiting), courtesy of Mike Z., Wild Wolf, and of course The Cheese, so let’s can the chit-chat and get straight to work. Let’s do this…

Wrestlemania has been moved to the Performance Center by WWE. What should they do about NXT: Takeover and the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies?

As of this writing, the plans for Mania are allegedly two nights at the PC so I think that a few of the top matches from NXT: Takeover could probably be added to the Mania shows. I’ve heard that WWE planned for fourteen matches for Mania, but drop the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and save it for RAW on Monday night and with two nights to spread things out, the NXT spots could fit as part of the two main shows. Problem solved. As for the Hall of Fame, I keep hearing about postponing it to SummerSlam and that would be fine, but I have a different idea. WCW had an event called Slamboree: A Legend’s Reunion and it was all about the legends and icons. On one of these Sunday nights, bring back Slamboree and do the Hall of Fame inductions as part of that event. Sprinkle a few matches here and there throughout the show and run it like an old-school reunion show where you have a match, two inductions, a match, some backstage stuff with legends, some more inductions, another match and so on. If the speeches are kept to under ten minutes, it would work out perfectly and be a great event. As I said, making it part of SummerSlam week would be fine too, but if you can get another PPV event out of the deal, why not?

Who’s the better heel? Stephanie or Shane McMahon?

Shane is annoying as a heel. Stephanie can make you want to smack her head off by just being there. Stephanie is the better heel by far, no doubt.

Honky Tonk Man versus Disco Inferno. Who wins?

Neither. They’d stop in the middle of the match and have a dance-off instead. I personally feel that Disco is the better performer and more entertainer of the two and the better wrestler as well, but HTM is the bigger name and the bigger star. Honky would get the win here.

Does Mr. Wrestling II belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Once Johnny Walker put on that mask and went from being the “Rubber Man” to the second “Mr. Wrestling”, his career went from memorable, but average to epic and for the fans in Georgia and the Mid-South, some would even say legendary. Does he belong in the WWE Hall of Fame? Already a member of the WCW Hall of Fame, I would say a definite yes to that question. Will he ever get in though? Not on his own merits. II is considered a territory wrestler and he’s from the wrong era to get an actual spot on the main podium of inductees. As a “Legacy Inductee” though, it’s not if, but just when.

Have you ever heard of a wrestler named Bryan St. John who worked Florida in the early ’80s? Whatever became of him?

The name sounded familiar, but I had to look him up. He wrestled for a couple of years down in Florida and for Crockett in the late ’70s, teaming with Stan Lane (of later fame with the Fabulous Ones & The Midnight Express) for a run as the Florida Tag Team Champions. A great heel with a ton of ability and charisma, St. John caught a lot of attention from the fans and the wrestling magazines of the time (the Apter Mags) and looked as if he had a big future ahead of him. After finishing up in Florida in 1981, he went to Georgia and also did a brief stint in the Central States region. And then he just seems to have vanished. Some of his matches, mostly teaming with Lane, are available on YouTube. As to where he is now, I have no idea. After Georgia, I can’t find anything. If anyone knows about St. John and his current whereabouts, give me a shout and let me know. I’m curious now.

Jake Roberts said in a recent interview that Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart are, in his opinion, “the worst champions of all”. Do you agree?

That’s what Jake thinks and he’s definitely entitled to his opinion. While I’m not a huge fan of either man, I think that Backlund’s reign (went on too long), the reigns of GreatKhali, Vince McMahon and even some of Mick Foley’s runs would be considered far worse.

Is Ken Shamrock a good pick for the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame?

He was the first man to be the World Champion for then-TNA and now Impact Wrestling. He’s a former top star for WWE, for UFC and even for South-Atlantic Championship Wrestling as Vince Torelli. A good pick? As Steve Austin would say, “give me a hell yeah!”.

Are you still excited about Wrestlemania?

Absolutely. It’s Wrestlemania and even with the craziness and confusion and constant changing of plans due to the Coronavirus panic, we know it’s going to be a kick-ass major event. It’s Wrestlemania. ‘Nuff said!

There are reports that Alberto Del Rio is talking with WWE about a possible return. Thoughts?

I hope not. If Del Rio’s last run with the WWE and the whole situation with Paige is any indication, no one wants him back and he’s far more trouble than he’s worth. Del Rio is just flapping his gums trying to get some attention and press. WWE has far too many talented and entertaining stars already waiting on the sidelines for their spot to spend money or time with that waste.

Lex Lugar and Yokozuna. Slam or Hip Toss?

I went back and watched the video. Hip toss. Definitely a hip toss. Heenan was right.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions to ask, please feel free and drop me a line here at the site, at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com or at Twitter at @Doug28352. Follow me while you’re there. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and be safe. I don’t know when they’ll be back in action, but sooner or later, I’ll see you at the matches.



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