Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Brodie Lee, Matt Hardy, Wrestlemania & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Brodie Lee, Matt Hardy, Wrestlemania & More
March 20, 2020

Happy 44th Anniversary to Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Wrestlemania III legend Alice Cooper and wife Sheryl. And no one thought it would last. Here’s to 44 more…

Time is fleeting and madness takes control. I should be getting ready to go back to work right now, but I’ll start on this instead and then finish up when I get off tonight. The questions are from Alex D. and The Cheese. I’m the one providing the answers. Let’s do this…

What feuds would you like to see happen in WWE? How about AEW?

I’d like to see Shawn Spears get some television time and, along with manager Tully Blanchard, have some matches with Cody. MJF versus Orange Cassidy could be fun. Brock Lesnar working with R-Truth would be excellent for the promos alone with Heyman and Truth going back and forth. And Curtis Axel in a match or ten against Zack Ryder could be fun as well.

Thoughts on Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) being revealed as “The Exalted One”?

I’m glad to see Lee in AEW and with a role as this one to work with, I think he’ll do an excellent job and be able to thrive and show everyone just how much WWE dropped the ball.

Thoughts on “Broken” Matt Hardy joining AEW?


Do you think WWE will / should pre-tape some of the matches for Wrestlemania?

If I was them, I most certainly would. Film the matches now while everyone is available at the PC and then edit and tweak as needed to make it the best possible product for airing at Mania. Since there is no live crowd to worry about, take advantage and make sure matches are botch-free and done right.

If Tully Blanchard was to form a faction in AEW, alongside Shawn Spears, who would you like to see as part of that group?

If Tully was to manage a faction, a Horsemen-light if you will, I’d use Spears, The Revival (when they’re available) and maybe Pac to round things out..

Samoa Joe versus Umaga. Who wins?

It’d be a brutal and fun fight to see. My money would be on the Samoan Bulldozer, the late and great Umaga.

Rumored for upcoming in WWE is Brock Lesnar versus Lashley. Are you excited about this possible feud?

Not really, but they both have legit MMA backgrounds and are legit tough bastards. It should make for some good encounters when and if it does happen.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions welcome. And now, I got to go. I have to be back at work in 11 minutes. Take care and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



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