5 Questions: School, Chicken, Gender & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
School, Chicken, Gender & More
March 26, 2020

This world is full of questions and this is where I answer them, five at a time. Let’s do this…

If you could go back to school, all expenses paid, what college would you want to attend?

At one time, it would be UNC in Chapel Hill, but they’ve gotten just as stupid and liberal as the rest of the major colleges around the country and I don’t think that an older Republican Gay male with common sense would fit in well there. I’d probably just stay local and do St. Andrews University here in Laurinburg. I already know a lot of the teachers and students there so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for this old man.

New York City or Los Angeles?

One is about as bad as the other and both are full of crazies so I don’t think I’d be all that happy in either location. But if I had to choose, I’d go with NYC just because I have some good friends who live in Connecticut and that isn’t very far away. But I’d prefer to be as far away from either city as possible. Oh vey!

Should a person’s gender be a qualification for a job or political office?

Gender, race, religion, or sexual preference. None of that should matter when a person is being considered for a job. The only thing that should matter is can they do the job… period!

What is the best way to cook chicken?

Have someone else do it. I can bake or boil chicken and I love me some Shake & Bake, but if I have the option, I’d rather just do KFC or Bojangles. Cooking chicken is too messy for my taste.

What is your biggest pet peeve about people? Just one.

Only one? DAMN! How about the noise that they make? For indoors, use the indoor voice. For outside, then maybe talk a little louder, but do not yell or scream. Or better yet, just SHUT THE HELL UP! Y’all making my ears hurt and giving me a headache.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, feel free and drop me a line. And I guess that’s all. Stay safe and stay home until the virus-scare is over. I’ll see you on the flip side.



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