Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Horsemen, MJF, Promos & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Horsemen, MJF, Promos & More
March 30, 2020

Here we go again. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A with a slew of great questions from my good friend and a very bored, staying at home with far too much time on her hands, Cheese. So are you ready? Let’s do this…

The Four Horsemen (Ric, Arn, Ole & Tully) w/ JJ Dillion versus Seth Rollins, The AOP & Murphy. Who wins?

While Seth and his band of henchmen are a formidable faction and are (or were before the C-Virus) dominating RAW, but we’re talking about facing the Horsemen here and not just any Horsemen, but the original faction. These are the men who started it all and dominated the NWA and WCW for more ears than anyone honestly had a right to. It would be a good match and contrast of style, but in the end, there wouldn’t be much doubt as to who wins. The Horsemen stand tall in victory.

A video recently surfaced where MJF tried out for Tough Enough. Have you seen the video and thoughts?

I saw the video and am including it here. MJF showed some fire in this video and it’s obvious that he already had his character in mind and down pat. I’m assuming that since he wasn’t a part of the Tough Enough show that calling out “Trips” didn’t work, but I thought it was great and a definite sign of things to come. WWE dropped the ball, but it was probably before the best because if WWE had gotten MJF at that point, they would have destroyed the character he is and we’d have another Miz-wannabe clone instead.

Best hardcore wrestler of all time?

He was hardcore before hardcore was cool or even called “Hardcore”, but Bruiser Brody was the man when it came to using plunder, being a monster in and out of the ring and being more than just another performer. When Brody wrestled, you knew that there would be weapons used, the brawl would go out into the crowd and all hell would break loose.

The Renegade versus The Ultimate Warrior. Who wins?

Renegade got a raw deal from WCW and was nothing but a Warrior rip-off. I’m not a Warrior fan by any means though and I’m sure that he would win, but since it’s my question and I’m the “booker” here, I’d go with an upset win and let Renegade take the win.

Who is the best commentator in wrestling history?

It’s a hard call with so many talents to choose from and consider. Bob Caudle was good for his era and time, but he’s not what would be considered top of the line by today’s standards. Jim Ross is damn good and so is Michael Cole when he’s left alone and allowed to actually commentate instead of just mimicking Vince. Tony Schiavone was good in the early days of WCW but lost it as time went on and was burnt out at the end. He’s slowly getting back there now. Joey Styles had a unique style and did some good work too. And I haven’t even mentioned Gordon Solie, Lance Russell, or Cory Graves. Hell, I can’t pick just one to be considered “the best”. Am I supposed to consider color commentators here too? Let’s just say Rich Landrum and leave it there. Don’t know who he is? Look him up. You’re welcome.

Thoughts on Stan “The Man” Stasiak?

I’m not very familiar with Stan Stasiak. I’m old, but not that old. Stan was the WWWF Champion who transitioned the title between Pedro Morales and Bruno Sammartino in 1973 and held the title for an epic 9 days. I do know that he was famous for using the “heart punch” as a finisher and was supposedly a legit tough guy. I am far more familiar with his son, Shawn Stasiak, who worked for WCW as part of the Natural Born Thrillers and in WWE as Planet Stasiak, being portrayed as a total goof. Stasiak, the younger, was a good wrestler who could have done much more than he was given the chance to. Stan Stasiak was a “Legacy Inductee” into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

Who do you consider the top three best Cruiserweights of all time?

I’ll keep it simple and go with Juventud Guerrera, Dean Malenko, & Mike Jackson.

Should WWE follow AEW’s example and drop scripted promos?

Absolutely. Give the guys a chance and if they can talk, let them do that. It would add to the product and allow the true personalities to come out. Some people can do it and have the talent to talk and if they can do so, let them. If a wrestler can’t talk or cut a promo, then use the scripting method or else give them a manager to do the talking for them. Using scripting makes everyone sound unnatural and too generic. Take each talent individually and work to their skills, be it talking, hitting the bullet points, etc., and use the scripting sparingly.

And there you go. My thanks for the questions. Any questions, thoughts or comments, please feel free to drop me a line. And with that, I’m like social gatherings. I’m history. Until then next time, take care and be safe.



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