Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Money In The Bank, Gronk, New Jack & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Money In The Bank, Gronk, New Jack & More
April 9, 2020

Thanks to the always incredible Cheese, I’ve got a slew of questions to get to in today’s Ultimate Wrestling Q&A, so forgive me if we skip the chit chat. Let’s do this and get busy…

Are you glad to see Nia Jax back in action?

I’m always happy to see a wrestler who has been injured back healthy and wrestling again. Nia isn’t the best or most exciting woman in WWE, but she’s different than the others and has a unique character. And she looks to be a heel this time which is far better in my eyes. It’ll be interesting to see what she’s able to do this time around.

Who are your favorites to win the Money In The Bank ladder matches?

If they even manage to have the Money In The Bank event, my picks would be Asuka for the women’s match and John Morrison for the men’s match.

Was Braun Strowman a good choice to replace Roman Reigns in the Universal Championship match against Goldberg?

He wouldn’t have been my pick, but if the rumors are true that Goldberg didn’t want to put over Bray Wyatt, was willing to put over Braun and was not wrestling anymore for 2020, then it seems that Strowman was the only choice WWE had. I still would have gone with Matt Riddle for the match.

Bray Wyatt versus Kevin Sullivan. Who wins?

Deranged cult leader versus deranged cult leader. I’ll go with Bray on this one. I hear he can be a real fiend sometimes.

Sami Zayn versus Larry Zbyszko. Who wins?

Both would just stall and argue and it would be forty-five minutes before we have the first physical contact. Larry and Sami would be great for the first social-distancing match. Time would keep running out and we’d keep having draws.

Gronk has signed with WWE. Do you think his wrestling career will be more like Wahoo McDaniel or Steve “Mongo” McMichael?

Do I think he’ll have a long and eventful career full of big matches and championships as Wahoo did? Nope. I think Gronk will be more of a Mongo, working as an announcer and promo guy with matches being few and far between and painful to watch. He’ll get some wins and be passable in the ring, but a top guy based on in-ring action? I just don’t see it.

Who was hotter in their prime? Missy Hyatt, Sunny or Miss Elizabeth?

Liz never did anything for me and Sunny was attractive, but after all the stories I’ve heard, even from her own mouth, I look at her and see “bitch!”. Missy was an exceptional beauty in her day and definitely one of the hottest ladies in wrestling history or anywhere really, period!

American Starship (Scott Hall & Dan Spivey) versus Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer. Who wins?

Both of these teams, before they all became big names, worked in Crockett and had short runs. Hall & Spivey had the size, but the better team at that time was easily Borne, the future Doink and Big Josh, and “Not Quite A Mad Dog Yet” Buzz Sawyer. I think they’d find the way to get the win.

Who was the better referee? Tommy Young or Charles Robinson?

Both were and are excellent for their era and what they were able to do in that ring to help tell the stories and keep the men in line. I’ll go with Robinson though. After all, Tommy never wrestled the main event at a pay-per-view as “Little Naitch!”. Wooooooooo.

How is New Jack not in prison or dead?

This is something I was wondering myself as I watched the Dark Side of the Ring episode concerning the former Gangsta. He’s a definite work to be sure.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and let’s talk. Until the next time, take care and stay safe in these troubled times. See ya!


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