Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE Releases, Local Favorites, The Fink & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WWE Releases, Local Favorites, The Fink & More
April 17, 2020

I’m getting ready for bed and the morning comes way too early, but before I call it a night, I want to do one more edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. These are the questions that showed up in my inbox tonight and what the hell, I’m not tired yet. Let’s do this…

Martin G.:
WWE went crazy with the pink slips yesterday. But why are Titus, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, The Iiconics, Tamina, David Otunga, Lana, Fandango & Lars Sullivan all still on the payroll?

I’ll take on each name you mentioned one by one and why I think they’re still working for WWE while so many others got released. Titus O’Neill is one of their top guys in terms of charity, outreach and public relations. Curtis Axel? I don’t understand how he dodged the axe, but I’m glad he did. Axel is a great wrestler and the go-to guy when talent is returning and needs to work off the ring rust before a debut. I’m guessing that may have something to do with it. Bo is Bray Wyatt’s brother and I suspect that may help him keep his job. The Iiconics? Are they injured or something? I don’t know how they made it past the big cuts. Tamina? Her cousin is The Rock and she’s part of the Samoan family along with Roman, The Usos, Naomi, etc. That probably explains why she’s safe. Otunga? He has a law degree and it’s probably cheaper to keep him than risk a possible lawsuit. Lana? She’s in the middle of a storyline with Lashley. When that’s over, she probably will be too. Fandango? I think he’s out with injuries, but they probably just forgot he was still on the payroll. And Lars Sullivan? Given his history, if he was cut loose while out with an injury as he is now, he’d probably freak out and kill someone. The man ain’t right. And there you go.

Why would WWE fire referee Mike Chioda? He’s been there since 1989.

I’m figuring that since he’s been there so long, he’s probably making a lot of money with a lot of benefits. WWE can cut him loose, hire someone at a far cheaper rate to do the same job and save a ton of money. Either that or he pissed someone in power off. I’m just speculating, but either way, it was a bum move and he will be missed.

Would it be a good idea to have Austin Theory win Money In The Bank and be the next WWE champion or should he just be a mid-carder?

I like what I’ve seen of Theory so far, but is he ready to be the top guy or even a potential top guy as the Money In The Bank contract holder? I don’t think WWE is willing to take that chance just yet. For the foreseeable future, I think mid-card and tag teams is about the best we can expect for Mr. Theory.

Who is your favorite local wrestler from your area?

A team called the Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew, aka Ethan Storm and Tazz Jackson are damn good and are currently dominating the local Indy scene here in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. A young man known as the Carolina Kidd and his lovely wife, Carolina Girl are two more favorites. And how can I forget the Fallen Artist Derk Douglas and his partner, The Monster Brad Branson, aka BD Productions? There are so many talented performers here in North Carolina and these that I’ve mentioned are just the tip of the Iceberg. Great talent and great performances are done right, in that ring and wrestling.

Who would you rather see go to AEW? The Revival or Gallows and Anderson? Or both?

I’d be happy to see either team or both teams in AEW. So long as they get a chance to be the teams we know they can be and put on great matches, I’m happy.

Thoughts on the passing of WWE Announcer Howard Finkel?

From all reports, just a good, nice guy and one of the best announcers of all time. His heart was as big as his talent was evident. He will be missed. Rest In Peace Fink.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. And now, I am going to bed. Any comments, thoughts or questions, feel free and drop me a line here at the site, at my e-mail address of Doug28352@yahoo.com or on Twitter at @Doug28352. Stay safe, don’t forget to support Indy wrestling, and have a great night. I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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