NXT Takeover: In Your House – Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
WWE NXT Takeover: In Your House
Thoughts & Predictions
June 6, 2020

Coming up on Sunday night, live from the Performance Center and airing on the WWE Network, is NXT Takeover: In Your House. Here is what I think will be happening.

WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream (If Velveteen Dream loses, he cannot challenge for the NXT Title while Adam Cole is champion).

So which way will it go for The Dream and Cole? Cole is now the longest reigning Champion in NXT history (not named Asuka) and he has a chance here to cement his legacy. But rumors persist that his contract expires soon and he has yet to sign a new deal. And we know where his girlfriend is working, right? So that indicates a possible title switch. But Dream still has the allegations of sending dirty pics to minors hanging over him, plus his momentum seems to have stalled since returning from hiatus and injuries. Flip a coin to see who wins here. I think I’ll go with Cole retaining and Dream, unable to challenge again for the NXT Championship, makes a move to Monday nights, and the world that is RAW. Works for me.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Adam Cole

WWE NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai.

I understand why Charlotte got the belt, to give NXT a weapon against AEW on Wednesday nights, but it’s time to let The Queen go back to the main roster full time and let someone who is all NXT, all the time, take the Championship win. So is it Ripley or Io? Ripley looked great at Mania in her loss to Flair, but she’s already had a run with the belt previously. Io Shirai is an amazing talent and I feel it’s time to see what she can do as the top star of the NXT Women’s Division. Io pins Flair to win.

Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion: Io Shirai

WWE NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. Johnny Gargano.

Keith Lee has been a good Champion and shouldn’t lose the belt just yet. But Johnny Gargano? Come on now. How do you book him to lose? How about Gargano gets a little down and dirty and almost wins the belt, but Lee snaps and gets DQ’ed. That way, Lee stays champ. Gargano stays strong. And this feud gets to continue for another day. Sounds like a plan to me.

Winner by DQ: Johnny Gargano. (Lee retains his Championship).

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Karrion Kross.

Kross is the new guy with the big push and there is no way he’s losing here. Ciampa and he will have a war and probably one of the best matches of the night, but in what will be Round 1 of what I expect to be a long and bitter fight, Kross takes the victory here.

Winner: Karrion Kross

Damian Priest vs. Finn Balor.

Is Balor still a heel in NXT or has he changed back to a face? I don’t remember. I do remember that he has some major issues going with WALTER and I expect that we may end up seeing The Imperium getting involved at some point. So how about this? Balor looks awesome, a distraction by WALTER and friends allows Priest to take advantage and score the upset win. Book it Hunter.

Winner: Damian Priest

Mia Yim, Tegan Nox, and Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae, Raquel Gonzalez, and Dakota Kai.

Six talented women who, I expect, will have fun and better than it deserves to be, match here. The face team is all united and together. It doesn’t seem like LeRae, Gonzalez, and Kai are all on the same page. Candice walks out on her partners and Yim and friends take advantage and get the win.

Winners: Mia Yim, Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart.

And there you go. So what do you think? Am I right? Am I wrong? We’ll find out on Sunday night. Thoughts, comments, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Use the comment box, my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or come find me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, my thanks for reading. Have a great one, stay safe, and I’ll see you at the matches.


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