Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jim Cornette, AJ Styles, Matt Hardy & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jim Cornette, AJ Styles, Matt Hardy & More
June 6, 2020

I decided to take a peek into my inbox at Doug28352@yhoo.com and guess what I found, courtesy of Matt. Some new wrestling based questions. So what else could I do, but sit down and do an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? And so here we are. Are you ready? Let’s do this…

What would you do if Jim Cornette and his wife, Stacey, invited you to join them in their hot tub?

Jim is a little old for me and Stacey isn’t my type, but what the hell. It’s Jim Cornette and it would be an epic moment. I’d be climbing into that hot tub and whatever happens, happens.

Do you think AJ Styles is homophobic?

AJ is, from what I understand, a person who uses the “F” slang term for gay people quite frequently. Does that make him a homophobe? I know he’s from the south and of a religious background so I think it would be a safe bet to assume he’s not a big fan of the gay lifestyle. But I don’t think he’s a “hater” or one of those “kill the fags” types. I’m gay and from what I understand of Styles, we’d get along fine. We’d disagree about our choices of sexual partners, but it wouldn’t be a personal thing and I don’t think he’d treat me any differently than anyone else because of who I’m attracted to. He’s not in agreement, but I can’t see him as part of the Westboro Baptist Church either.

Should AEW Dark be moved into a TV time slot either on TNT or TBS?.

It’s a good show with some good matches and I personally feel that moving it to a regular spot on one of the Turner channels would be a good move that would allow more people an opportunity to enjoy the AEW product.

Are you a bigger fan of heel or face wrestlers?

I’ve almost always been one to root for the heels.

Should AEW attempt to sign Jim Cornette to manage FTR?

It would be a major event to be sure and would score big for all parties involved including Cornette, FTR, and AEW. I don’t think Cornette would do it for a regular thing, but maybe as a one-shot, it would be huge. They should at least attempt it and make an offer. All Cornette can do is say yes or no.

Matt Hardy has been in AEW for 3 months now. What are your thoughts so far?

AEW has gotten more use out of Hardy in three months than WWE did in the last year and while some of it has been a bit hokey, for the most part, it has been WONDERFUL!

In a recent interview, David Benoit revealed when he finally does debut he wants to wrestle as Chris Benoit Jr. in honor of his father. What are your thoughts on this and is it possible AEW will sign Chris Benoit Jr. to a contract?

I can see where David is coming from, but a career as Chris Benoit Jr. is not going to happen. It would be a publicity nightmare for any company. Best to use his own name and be David, not Chris Jr. Is it possible that AEW may sign Benoit to a contract? Anything is possible, but he’d have to be far better than average in the ring and twice as good as everyone else to deal with the scrutiny he’d be under. I’d like to see a David Benoit & Brian Pillman Jr. team under the watchful eyes of Arn Anderson. That would be very interesting. Who knows what will happen though. We’ll just have to wait and see.

How soon do you think before AEW starts their own Hall of Fame?

I think they should at least wait until the five-year mark to make sure they’re going to be sticking around. And then, I’d love to see an event like WCW did with Slamboree to pay tribute and honor to those who came before. But not yet. Wait until the time is right.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions, drop me a line in the comment box below, at my e-mail that I mentioned above, or on Twitter at @Doug28352@yahoo.com. I’m out of here for now. Until the next time, stay safe out there in this crazy world. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to support your local Independent wrestling and wrestlers. I’ll see you at the matches.


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