Questions By Casper #31…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper #31
August 15, 2020

Over in the world of Twitter, I found a man that likes to ask questions. And I do mean a lot of them. His name is Tyler “The Ghost” Casper and he’s at @tyler_casper. A good guy that you should go check out. Now, as I was saying, he likes to ask questions. I like to answer them and it provides content for the site. So here we are. Every few days, I go down his feed and copy the inquiries he’s asked. And then it’s here for the answers. It’s insightful, thought-provoking, and hopefully entertaining for you, the reader, as well. So let’s can the chit chat and let’s do this. Are you ready? And away we go…

Do you have a favorite phrase?

Some of the phrases I used frequently are “Let’s do this!”, “And away we go…”, “Woo woo woo – you know it!” (stolen from Zack Ryder/WWE), and the always popular “that’s what she/he said!”. I also mutter “shit”, “stupid idiots”, and “dumb-ass” quite often.

What would you do for all the gold in Fort Knox? (Assuming there really is gold in there).

I wouldn’t kill anyone or hurt an animal or child. Those are my definite off-limit activities. Anything else is open to discussion and negotiation.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in public?

People having sex in the corner of a convenient store. Two guys at that. But that wasn’t the craziest. I think that would go to a guy I watched get into a fight with a gas pump. He lost. It was absolutely epic.

Who’s ready for winter?


Santa is still male, right?

Santa is not a person, but more of a concept and character from a simpler and better time. But there are only two genders and since he doesn’t have boobs or a vagina that we know of, I expect that he has a penis. That would make him male.

What would be the PC version of cowboys and Indians?

Social workers and misguided clients who only need a helping hand to be successful and happy and who’s only fault in life is being the victim of the rich and entitled.

What is the most unsightly place to have hair for a woman?

The armpits. A woman with hairy pits just makes me cringe.

What is the most unsightly place to have hair for a guy?

I like hairy guys so no real complaints about hair anywhere, but keep the bush trimmed and if your back looks like a grizzly bear, maybe shave that a bit as well.

Do you pluck your ear hairs?

Oh yeah. How else would I be able to hear clearly?

Do you pluck your nose hairs?


What is the fanciest resistant restaurant you’ve ever been to?

What is a “resistant restaurant”? The fanciest restaurant for me would be probably Outback Steak House or Olive Garden. I just don’t do fancy. Give me a buffet or some coupons and I’m a happy camper.

Do you get all dressed up to go shopping?

I do change out of my pajamas and put on shoes, but I don’t get too carried away. And I make sure my clothes are clean. But that’s anytime I leave the house and not just for shopping.

Have you ever worn sandals with a sports coat?

No. That’s about my pay-scale and income level.

Do you own water moccasins?

I think Casper was talking about shoes and if so, that would be no. And if he’s talking about snakes, again my answer would be no. No one owns a water moccasin. They just watch them swim in the creek or lake and hope that those vicious little bastards don’t take notice.

What is the most comfortable pair of boots?

Right now, it would be my “Crow Boots” that I am forced to wear for my two bad feet. They help alleviate the pain and anything that makes me hurt less would fall under the category of comfortable.

What is the most comfortable pair of shoes?

To not wear shoes at all is awesome. If I have to wear anything, it would be my Crow Boots as I explained above.

What was the longest stay you or someone you’re related to has had in a hospital?

My sister had a series of strokes when she was 24 and spent months in the hospital and then rehab learning how to talk, walk, write, etc again. As for myself, I think it was nine days in Moore County when I had an MRSA infection in my arm, or maybe it was my inner thigh, but it was bad and I had blood sugar that they couldn’t get to come down going on as well. I didn’t think that they would ever let me come home.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions to ask, just drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, stay safe and watch out for the stupid idiots and crazies. I’ll see you on the flip side.



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