Questions By Casper #43…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper #43
September 13, 2020

Over in the world of Twitter, I found a man that likes to ask questions. And I do mean a lot of them. His name is Tyler “The Ghost” Casper and he’s at @tyler_casper. A good guy that you should go check out. Now, as I was saying, he likes to ask questions. I like to answer them and it provides content for the site. So here we are. Every few days, I go down his feed and copy the inquiries he’s asked. And then it’s here for the answers. It’s insightful, thought-provoking, and hopefully entertaining for you, the reader, as well. So let’s can the chit chat and let’s do this. Are you ready? And away we go…

Have you ever hired a handyman?

Do you mean someone to do the things I can’t do or more likely, don’t want to do, but still needs to be done. I may have done so once or twice.

Do you like fruit cake?

There is only one fruit cake in the world and it’s getting passed around from family to family. At least that’s what I’ve heard. And no, I’m not a big fan of the disgusting, toxic fruity-bread product.

How much TV do you watch a week?

Very little. I watch RAW sometimes, but aside from that, I’ve gotten where I don’t watch TV at all. I kind of half-ass listen to the TV in the other room while my Mom watches FOX, but I don’t watch or care for TV anymore. I have internet, YouTube, and wrestling. Who needs TV?

What song don’t you mind getting stuck in your head?

Anything by Alice Cooper, Waylon, Struggle Jennings, or Jelly Roll is always welcome.

What is the worst card game?

Solitaire because it means I’m alone and don’t have anyone to play with. Sighs.

If your voice was an instrument, which would it be?

My voice is like an old piano and banging out one ragtime tune after another.

Are you a sore loser?

Not at all. If I don’t win, the other person is a cheater, a liar, and obviously homophobic and a racist.

Are you a bad winner?

Not at all because I deserve it and I’m better than the losing-ass jabronis.

What is your favorite music video?

It changes day to day and moment to moment, but this one will always be in my “Top 5”. Look at all the talent featured, all together doing an epic song written by the legendary Lou Reed. Talk about a walk on the wild side.

Do you remember MTV when it was music videos?

I was watching MTV in the first year when it was music videos all the time, back when life was good.

Do you thank God every morning for letting you have another day?

Not as often as I should, but yeah.

Do you go to church?

At least three times a week, but it’s for my volunteer job at the Food Bank. The actual church has closed down and no longer holds services which is sad. Of course, with the pandemic crap, no churches are holding worship and services. Wal-Mart and “peaceful protests” are allowed, but going to church isn’t. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Do you pray as often as you should?

Nope. I need to work on that.

Do you know people who will ask to borrow things from you without any intention of returning those things?

I know many people like that. They borrow and think they own it and I’ll never see it again. That’s why I’ve quit “loaning” items unless I don’t want or need it and have no plans to get it back.

What is your favorite juiced vegetable?


What is your favorite juiced fruit?


Have you ever lived somewhere that didn’t have a post office nearby?

Not that I can think of.

What do you think your pet would say to you if they could speak English?

Rub my head. Give me treats. You sleep too much. I am your god so bow down to me. Leave me alone, damn it!

What is the worst children’s show?

Does the Firefly Funhouse in WWE count? How about any and everything on the Disney Channel these days? Ever since Miley left, they all suck!

What is your favorite apple desert?

I like Apple Pie. I’ve seen the movie.

Do you know what your ring size is?

Not really. I just try things on until they fit.

What is something you should never eat with ketchup?

Ketchup is nature’s way of saying, “let me fix that for you!”. It goes on everything.

What is the most philosophical conversation you’ve ever been in?

Every conversation I have with my bro-son is enlightening and philosophical, even when they’re about totally nothing. Truthfully those are some of the best ones.

Have you ever woken up to see if you’re sleeping?

I did and I wasn’t.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and to Casper for the awesome questions. That’s all for now folks. I’ll see you later. Take care of yourself and watch out for the crazies. I’ll see you on the flip side.


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