Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Midgets, RVD, Halloween Havoc & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Midgets, RVD, Halloween Havoc & More
October 7, 2020

It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this…

Should AEW or WWE bring back midget wrestling?

I used to be a big fan of the little people, such as Coconut Willie, Lord Littlebrook, and yes, Hornswoggle, so I’d love to see the smaller athletes back on the small screen and wrestling again. I don’t think WWE will do it since it’s borderline offensive and this is the era of political correctness, but with AEW, there is still hope. I definitely would like to see it happen and Swoggle versus Marko Stunt? That’s money just waiting to happen.

Would you like to see New Jack in AEW?

New jack doesn’t even belong in a wrestling ring, much less working for a top promotion. So I’d say a big “No” on that.

Who is an AEW wrestler who doesn’t get the recognition that they deserve?

How about Jungle Boy Jack Perry? He’s not the biggest guy, but he’s one of the better talents, getting better every day, and he’s the son of actor Luke Perry so he’s got the name thing happening too. His brief feud with Chris Jericho proved that he’s capable in the ring. I think he’s a big star just waiting to bust out of his shell.

Thoughts on Cody’s return to wrestling and AEW and the upcoming “dog collar match” against Brodie Lee?

I’m glad Cody is back. So far as the dog collar match goes, there hasn’t been a good one since the days of Valentine versus Piper at Starcade 83 so I’m not too sure about that, but if anyone can make it interesting and fun to watch, Cody and Brodie would be the ones.

Will RVD be All Elite?

I can see it happening, but AEW is kind of top-heavy right now with too many top guys and not enough television time to cover everyone and everything happening. If he does go to AEW, it will be more of a one-shot deal than anything long term. I think for long-range plans, RVD is better suited for Impact.

Does AEW have too many tag teams?

They have plenty of tag teams, but with so many top talents signed to the roster, tag teams are the only way to make sure that everyone has a spot with the limited television time available.

I am watching the 1986 Crocket Cup, and thinking what if the WWE did that today, a tag team cup bringing in tag teams from NXT and other organizations would it work?

If WWE cared about tag team wrestling and was willing to work with other companies, it could work and be very exciting to watch, but WWE doesn’t and won’t so it’s a lost cause and will never happen so long as Vince is in charge.

WWE is bringing back Halloween Havoc for the October 28th edition of NXT. Thoughts?

WWE is wising up to the idea that these old names from classic WCW events have value and can be used to draw fans and help in the marketing of events. It’s about time and I’m glad to see them doing so. As for Havoc, it’ll be a strong NXT show, seemingly the only kind that NXT knows how to do, and it’ll be fun and exciting to watch. I’m looking forward to it.

WWE has gutted the Performance Center and has remodeled and renamed it the Capitol Wrestling Center. Thoughts?

They’ve taken the Performance Center and moved it up another notch if possible, preparing for the future even more if that’s possible. It’s a strong move by WWE and Triple H in the fight against AEW and in preparing the rookies of today to be the stars of tomorrow. No complaints or objections here and I’m looking forward to seeing how the new atmosphere affects the matches and performances at the CWC.

And there you go. Any thoughts, questions, or comments about my answers or anything at all, wrestling related or not, drop me a line using the comment box below. I can also be reached via e-mail at Doug28352@yahoo.com or on Twitter at @Doug28352. Have a great day and take care of yourself. Be safe and don’t forget to show love and support for your local Independent Wrestling companies and wrestlers. I’ll see you at the matches.


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