Questions By Andrew I: Awkward Gay Questions…

Questions By Andrew I
Awkward Gay Questions
October 8, 2020

While over at YouTube, a video was suggested for me that featured a charming young man named Andrew Neighbors. He’s hot, he’s gay, and he apparently loves to answer questions almost as much as I do. So I listened to his video, laughed, and decided to give those same questions a shot. And here we are. Go check out Andrew Neighbors on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and subscribe. As for now, join me as I take an adventure and answer these awkward gay questions. Let’s do this.

Would jail be a good time for you?

Locked up in a small, confined area with a bunch of sexually frustrated men of all ages, shapes, and sizes? While I can see how some might find it appealing, I’m not one of those people. I don’t think it would be all that enjoyable and probably not a good experience at all.

If a girl had a strap-on, is that not that same?

It’s not the real thing and it’s not a guy so the answer would be an absolute no. It’s not the same.

Are you the man or the woman?

I’m all man and in a relationship, I’m just me. No more and no less.

Being gay, does that make you attracted to every guy?

Is every straight man attracted to every woman he sees? I’m attracted to the guys I find attractive and charming.

How do you know if you’re gay if you’ve never been with a woman?

How do you know you’re straight if you’ve never been with another guy? You just do. And if any of you cute guys want to experiment to determine if you are truly straight, give me a shout. I’ll help you figure it out. I’m just a nice guy like that. always willing to lend a hand.

Do you have a GRINDR?

I do. And so does your boyfriend, but he just won’t admit it.

Do you like to wear makeup?

Do I look like Boy George to you? No makeup for this happy homo-redneck.

Is your home decorated with male nude art?

No. Just books, clutter and a cat.

Who would wear the dress at your wedding?

Probably my Mom if she’s there. And maybe my bro’s wife. And I guess my sisters would as well if they’re there. But so far as my potential wedding partner and myself, no dresses allowed.

How does having kids work for gay people?

There is adoption, foster kids, kids from a previous marriage, artificial insemination for a woman, etc. If a couple wants to have kids, there are always ways.

How do you feel about the bible condemning gay people?

It also condemns tattoos, divorce, pre-marital sex, eating shellfish, and a whole mess of other things that are common in today’s world. I’m not stressing it.

How many buttholes have you seen?

Far more than I probably should. I can’t help it. I like booty.

Do you have to do extra work in maintaining your butt?

Not really, no.

Would you prefer one too big or too small?

It’s a tough choice because, to be honest, anything more than a mouth full is a waste anyhow. It’s not the size that matters, but how the guy can use it. If a choice has to be made though, I’ll go with the bigger guy. I can adapt.

If you identify as a top and end up talking to a top, is that a dealbreaker?

If there is a connection, concessions can be made and people can adapt to make it work. But let’s be honest here. If both people like the same thing and neither is willing to switch up and play a different role at times, it won’t work in the big picture of things. So yeah, it’s not a problem for a one-time thing or a casual relationship, but if it’s to be something serious, this would be a dealbreaker.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and to Andrew Neighbors and his video for the great questions. I had fun with these slightly awkward and absolutely different questions. Any comments, thoughts, or questions to ask about anything at all, give me a shout and let’s chat. Use the comment box, my e-mail of, or Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, take care of yourself and I’ll see you on the flip side.


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