Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Wrestlers versus Boxers, Lash Leroux, Alicia Fox & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Wrestlers v. Boxers, Lash Leroux, Alicia Fox & More
October 21, 2020

Many questions have been sent my way. Many answers I shall give. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this…

Who had the ultimate suplex package? Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, or Chris Benoit?

Kurt had an amazing series of suplexes in his arsenal to be sure. Benoit was a crisp wrestling machine who was capable of hitting an opponent with a suplex from any and every direction. But only one man resides in Suplex City and that would be The Beast, Brock Lesnar. ‘Nuff said!

Jurassic Express versus The New Day. Who wins?

I like the Jurassic Express and to be honest, the New Day kind of gets on my nerves, but there is no doubt in my mind here that Xavier, Kofi, and Big E. would have an easy win. Jungle Boy is on the rise and a great talent and I like Luchasaurus as well, but Marko Stunt? He’s entertaining in the Sammy Vlogs and would probably be cool to chill with, but in the ring, he’s not all that.

On the season premiere of RAW, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and Retribution all lost their matches. What the hell is WWE thinking?

It’s bad booking at it’s best by WWE and Vince. Bury the new guys and the NXT guys and then wonder why the ratings continue to drop. Oy vey!

Who has/had the best figure-four leglock?

There are many great figure-four leglocks in the history of wrestling with names like Buddy Rogers, Austin Idol, Jack Brisco, Greg Valentine, and even The Miz all being practitioners of this simple, yet effective move. But the man who does it best? Wooooooooooo! He styles, profiles, and takes you to school. Ric Flair all the way, baby!

What is the best wrestler versus boxer match you’ve ever seen?

The ones that immediately come to mind are Roddy Piper versus Mr. T, Johnny B. Badd versus DDP in WCW, Antonio Inoki versus Muhammad Ali, and Larry Zbyszko versus Scott LeDoux. Mr. T wasn’t a legit boxer so that match gets ruled out. DDP and Johnny B. Badd wasn’t as legit either so that’s out. Inoki versus Ali could have been good, but the restrictions placed on Ali & Inoki and the lame-ass match itself caused it to be awful. I just remembered Big Show versus Floyd Mayweather. That one was entertaining, but I hate Mayweather so it gets eliminated from consideration as well. Go see Zbyszko versus LeDoux at AWA WrestleRock. That’s how a boxer versus wrestler match should be. Just an amazing match that showcased the skills of both men and was entertaining as well. So Larry versus LeDoux wins.

What would be some dream matches you would book for Andre the Giant if you could?

Andre versus Big Show is the most obvious, but Andre versus Brodie Lee could be good. Andre versus Roman Reigns would be interesting to see. And the best of all? Andre versus Brock Lesnar. Andre in his prime versus Brock? Who wouldn’t want to see that one?

Kronik versus The Road Warriors. Who wins?

I am a big fan of Brian Adams and Bryan Clark and in many ways, they were better all-around wrestlers than Animal and Hawk. Physically, they would match up well and it would be the consummate big-man match. In my eyes, 99% of the time, it’s all about Kronik, but for this match, if there was a clean finish, it would go to Animal and Hawk. It’d be one hell of a fight, but the LOD was all about being a team first and Paul Ellering would make sure that they found a way to win.

Whatever happened to Lash Leroux?

Leroux retired from professional wrestling in 2006 after working occasionally for TNA as well as assorted Independent companies and then suffering a neck injury. He now works as a freelance cartoonist and is also a Pastor.

Do you think that Alicia Fox will ever be back in WWE as a wrestler?

Alicia is only 34 years old and has her whole life ahead of her. She was a part of WWE for nearly 14 years so I think that, if she decides to remain in the wrestling business, it’s safe to assume that a return to the WWE ring may likely be one of her best options. I really doubt that we’ve seen the last of Ms. Fox.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see answered, feel free to comment or send me a message. Use the link at the top of the page, the comment box, my e-mail address of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, take care of yourself and watch out for the crazies. I’ll see you at the matches.


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