Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: James Storm, Chad Gable, Alexa Bliss & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
James Storm, Chad Gable, Alexa Bliss & More
October 26, 2020

Monday morning and what a better way to start off the week than with an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Well, maybe a fifth of tequila and a warm, hard body to snuggle with would be better, but that’s not here and these questions are so… Let’s do this.

James Storm is back in Impact Wrestling. Thoughts?

It’s always good to see Storm with a prominent spot and it seems that going forward, both he and Shawn Daivari, will be playing major roles in the TNA stories, albeit not together. I’m just glad to see Daivari back as well. James Storm is a solid performer, can work tag or singles matches equally as well, and can add to the product anywhere on the card, be it on the mid-card or contending for Rich Swann’s new Impact Championship. All in all, it’s a major win for Impact to have the Cowboy back. And as for the rest of the roster, “Sorry about your damn luck!”.

Where do you see Alexa Bliss’s character going with Bray Wyatt/Fiend?

I don’t really like seeing Alexa as a sidekick rather than a singles star, but this makes more sense, given her history of concussions, and it’s a good role that will keep her in a top spot on the roster. Plus it also adds depth to Wyatt’s character that I feel was much needed. It’s a good place to be and I think Alexa will perform wonderfully in this role.

Do you believe that Bill Goldberg is going to return?

He’s being paid big money for two matches a year and he still owes WWE one more. He’ll be back, most likely as the build to Wrestlemania begins.

Is there any hope for the WWE to push Chad Gable (now formerly known as Shorty G)?

The man is 5’8 and was recently given the name “Shorty G”. I think that, as part of the main roster, that says all you need to know. As part of a tag team, he might be able to do something, but as a singles star, the only place where he could thrive would be on 205 Live and as part of the Cruiserweight Division. Otherwise, he’s just filler to be used to put the big guys over.

How would you book Retribution in the WWE?

I’d end the angle, have them lose one more time to the Hurt Business, and then break up, sending this entire group back down to NXT to be repackaged and to try again. As for Ali, he can vanish for a few months and then come back with a new twist on this angle to give it another try. But so far as Retribution goes, bury them, eliminate the angle, and never speak of it again.

Is it a good idea to break the New Day up?

I think it is. The act was getting stale in my opinion and needed a swerve or twist to make things interesting again. With the breakup as it happened, they’re still a team and still together, hence to protect the merchandise sales, but Big E is on Smackdown to focus on a single’s push while Xavier & Kofi are doing the tag team thing on RAW. They can get back together as needed for big events and appearances, but this gives everyone a much needed fresh start.

When should Otis cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase?

As witnessed last night at Hell In A Cell, Otis no longer has the MITB briefcase. Tucker turned on him and now we’ll have that Heavy Machinery versus Heavy Machinery feud that no one cares about or wants. Miz now has the MITB contract and as to when he should cash in, I’d say whenever he and WWE feel it’s the right time. With two heels in Roman and Randy Orton as the top champions, I’d have Miz wait and cash it in as part of Wrestlemania, thus assuring himself a spot in one of the top matches.

Thoughts on Cody Rhodes winning back the TNT Title?

Did he? I had already forgotten about it to be honest since all I can think of about AEW is that sing-song-sang thing with MJF and Jericho. Oy vey! I guess it’s a good thing, especially if he goes back to the weekly defenses against all comers, be they AEW guys or wrestlers from the Indys. That was great and I’d like to see it return.

Can Seth Rollins save his career on the Smackdown brand?

On Smackdown, Seth will have to take a backseat to Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre for a while, but that may be a good thing. I think Seth will do well regardless of which show he’s on.

What are the chances that WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump retains the Presidency of the United States?

The odds are stacked against him and everyone is conspiring to take the title of President away from the valiant warrior, but I feel that the Trumpster will find a way, dig down deep inside, and snatch a last-second victory from the jaws of defeat. The audience seems to be against him, but the silent majority, the Trumpaholics, will not back down or quit supporting their hero in his quest to make America great again. I give it about a ninety-percent chance that Trump finds the way, sends Pedo Joe to the dressing room, scores the win, and remains OUR President.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about pro wrestling or anything at all that you’d like to see answered in a future column, please give me a shout. Use the comment box, my e-mail address of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or find me at Twitter at @Doug28352. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and stay away from the crazies. Don’t forget to support your local Independent wrestling and wrestlers. I’ll see you at the matches.


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