Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Public Enemy, AWA GOAT, Darby Allin & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Public Enemy, AWA Goat, Darby Allin & More
November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. It’s been a few days and I apologize for that. It’s the holidays and life is crazy! I did my part of the cooking and now, we’re waiting on my “help” to do her part. Oy vey! Let’s do this.

Could an all-Woman wrestling company succeed in the United States?

Could it? In theory, I suppose so, but in reality, I think it would be a tough sell. The women wrestlers have made their mark and are an essential part of all the major wrestling companies, but I think they work better as part of a mixed roster rather than one gender only. A company couldn’t make it now without the women, but one with just the women, unless it’s a comedy piece like GLOW, would have a hard time drawing and keeping a large fan base.

Thoughts on Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge, The Public Enemy?

A good tag team that I enjoyed seeing work and were essentially the faces of ECW for a time. Rocco Rock was a fantastic performer who had a solid career in Japan before joining the ranks of the land of the Extreme and Johnny, that was his best friend. A good team that caught a lot of flack for being as much comedy as they were extreme, but I liked them. Get the tables!

Who is the best manager currently in AEW?

So who are our choices? Penelope, Vicky Guerrero, Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Brandi Rhodes, sort of? Am I missing anyone? Oh yeah, Taz. Of this crowd, I think I’ll go with Tully. It’s not that he’s really doing so great, but none of the AEW managerial roster are prone to do much these days. Tully is at least going to ringside with FTR & Shawn Sparks and does heel manager stuff, while all the others just sort of stand around.

So far in the WWE, Lana has been put through a table nine times. Why?

An old question here, but I’ll do it anyhow. So she can come back, be the sole survivor at Survivor Series for her team, partner with Asuka and defeat the tag team champions. I guess it’s a push, but only Vince knows for sure.

Why haven’t any of the major wrestling companies signed Tim Zbyszko or Cody Hall yet?

With Cody, I think it’s a wait and see to make sure that his father’s talent is all he inherited and not the character traits and bad habits. Once he gets more experience, if he’s not a walking time-bomb like his father, he’ll be at one of the big three. As for “The Living Legacy”, he’s a good performer and fun to watch, but he has a “dad-bod”, not a sculpted physique, and he’s more of an old-school wrestler than sports-entertainer. He may end up in Impact or MLW at some point, but I don’t see him as an AEW or WWE superstar.

Who was the GOAT of AWA World Heavyweight Champions?

I guess most people would say Verne Gagne since he was the first AWA World Champion, the owner of the company, and generally the first name that comes to mind when you think AWA, but for me, the most distinct and quality talent to ever be recognized as the top guy for the AWA would be Nick Bockwinkel. The classy heel, the consummate wrestler, and arguably the greatest AWA Champion of all time.

A dance-off between the Boogie Knights (Disco Inferno/Alex Wright) and Breezango (Fandango/Tyler Breeze). Who wins?

As much as I like Breezango (and I even own a “Fashion Police” t-shirt), this question can only have one real answer.

Who would you like to see challenge Darby Allin for the AEW TNT Championship?

I’d like to see Sammy Guevera go after a singles title and that TNT Championship would look mighty good around his waist. Plus Sammy versus Darby would be a fun match to see and could be very entertaining.

So there you go. My thanks for reading. I hope that everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving and if you’re not in the United States or don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, just have a fantastic day. Be safe and watch out for the crazies. Questions, comments, and any thoughts, wrestling or otherwise, are very welcome. Take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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