Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Orlando Jordan, Sting, AEW & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Orlando Jordon, Sting, AEW & More
December 4, 2020

Coming up on December 10, it’s the beginning of the 12 Days Of Christmas, Dougie Style, exclusively at this site, DougMaynard.com. Watch for it. Let’s talk AEW and pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it starts right now.

Thoughts on Orlando Jordon?

He’s a good wrestler who originally made his mark with the WWE as part of JBL’s “Cabinet”. He had a short run as the United States Champion before being released and moving to TNA/Impact Wrestling. In TNA, Jordon embraced his open bisexuality and became a bit of a freakish character who pushed (and often crossed) the line. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, and is married with one child. I think that if he hadn’t played up the bi-thing so heavily in Impact, he might still be actively wrestling, but he made himself too hot to touch for most major companies at that time. He was a good wrestler though, and a great example of a lot of wasted potentials.

If Joe Biden officially becomes President, does Andrew Yang’s threats towards WWE become a reality?

Vince McMahon is a well-known supporter and friend of President Trump, who everyone on the left with a (D) by their name hates with a deranged fury. I think he’d best have his lawyers ready and standing by.

Do you believe that Dave Meltzer is on AEW’s payroll?

No, I don’t. I just think he’s a mark for Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks and doesn’t want to do anything to make them upset with him.

Should Sting join AEW?

As of this past Wednesday night, we all already know the answer to this one. Winter is coming and his name is Sting! So regardless of what I think, it’s moot because he’s there.

What’s the deal with AEW and Impact Wrestling?

A partnership to add to both companies and promote both companies for possible upcoming crossovers and events. It helps AEW get footage of their newest roster-member, Sting. Impact Wrestling has tons of Sting videos on hand and Sting’s entire career, with the exception of TNA, is owned by WWE. And it helps Impact get viewers and notice from fans who may have forgotten about the show airing every Tuesday night on AXS-TV. And hopefully, we’ll get some great shows and matches as well.

Thoughts on Omega defeating Moxley for the AEW Championship?

I have no problem with it. Moxley was getting a little boring as Champion and is also, I believe, scheduled to take some time off to be with his wife during her pregnancy. Omega now gets the chance to run with the ball, to prove he can live up to the hype that came from his days of New Japan, and as a side bonus, we’re getting this whole crossover deal with Impact Wrestling. It’s a win for everyone.

Jericho has given the Inner Circle an ultimatum. Work together or disband. Thoughts?

I know my initial reaction if given an ultimatum is to say screw you and defy the demands of the person giving it. And I think this may be the results here as well. Next week, Jericho demands unity and the Inner Circle will give it to him, by uniting against him and kicking him out of the club. That’s how I see it going down. I think it’s time to see Jericho turn face and allow MJF to assume the leadership role for the Inner Circle. And if it doesn’t happen next week on Dynamite, it’ll happen shortly thereafter, probably at the AEW Blood & Guts event, featuring War Games, AEW style, whenever that manages to happen.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about pro wrestling or anything at all, just drop me a line, and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care of yourself and watch out for the crazies. Don’t forget to support your local Independent Wrestling companies and wrestlers. I’ll see you at the matches.


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