Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: War Games, Nia Jax, Finishers & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
War Games, Nia Jax, Finishers & More
December 10, 2020

I’m so freakin’ pissed off this morning. I really and honestly do hate people. And cats. And my life right now. Let’s do the Q&A.

Thoughts on NXT: War Games?

It was a solid show from bell to bell. I liked the Thatcher/Ciampa match. It was an instant classic and the others, hard-hitting and while a bit over-reliant on plunder and planned spots at times, entertaining. It’s hard to believe Pat McAffee is a new guy in wrestling, isn’t it? It was a little long in the two actual War Games matches, but I think Dusty Rhodes, the creator of the concept, was looking down and would be proud.

Has there been a worse wrestler than Nia Jax?

Great Khali? Ahmed Johnson? Linda Miles? Nah, they were all bad, but I think Nia has them beat. If she wasn’t the cousin of The Rock, she would have been gone years ago.

Who Wins this Match? Will Hobbs vs Ice Train vs Ezekiel Jackson?

I sense a bit of profiling done in picking the names for this match, but I’ll answer anyhow. I haven’t seen enough of Hobbs to determine what he can and can’t do, but Ice Train never impressed me much. I liked the tag team with Scott Norton in WCW, but I don’t see him as a solid singles guy. Ezekiel had a good run as the WWECW Champion and for the short time he was on WWE TV, he wasn’t half-bad. I’ll give the win to Big Zeke.

So AEW is just 2010s TNA 2.0 basically?

Pretty much except for AEW has a solid TV spot on a major network and a billionaire throwing money in their direction.

Surfer Sting or Crow Sting??

Of the two, I prefer the Crow Sting. But my personal favorite was Joker Sting in TNA. He looked like he was having fun then.

What move do you consider the most believable finisher not counting submission finishers? Who does the move best?

I’ll go with the DDT because when you’re dropped on your head, it knocks you stupid. I don’t care who you are. And as for the best, I’ll go with The Enforcer, Arn Anderson.

AEW and NWA TNA should work together and rename their wresting name to WCW, Good Idea?

No, it’s stupid and you’re an idiot.

And there you go. Now back to waiting for a reply to my text message so I can get this day over with or at least the parts I don’t want to do. Have a great one. Any questions or comments, drop them in the comment box. I’ll see you at the matches.


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