Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Lord Alfred Hayes, Crimson, JYD & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Lord Al Hayes. Crimson, JYD & More
December 16, 2020

Let’s begin the day with some Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

AEW clearly owns NXT but can they realistically hang on Monday and/or Friday?

As of late, AEW’s ratings have been steadily rising and the stories are making sense and getting better. WWE’s ratings have been in decline and with the exception of the Roman Reigns stuff, the stories have been lackluster and confusing. So could AEW give Raw or Smackdown a run for their money in the ratings if they decided to take that chance? I would say yes.

A triple-threat, winner takes all match between NWA Champion Nick Aldis, AEW Champion Kenny Omega, and Impact Champion Rich Swann. Who wins?

My personal favorite and choice would be the NWA World Champion Nick Aldis. I’m sure that most others would pick Omega since he has the power of AEW and Tony Khan’s stroke behind him, but there’s nothing like a good swerve and Aldis is by far, again in my opinion, the better wrestler and champion.

Why isn’t Lord Alfred Hayes in the WWE Hall of Fame?

He is. Hayes was inducted as a part of the Legacy Class of 2018.

What wrestlers of the past do you think would do well in MMA?

Billy Robinson and Verne Gagne, given their backgrounds, might have done well. I’d be interested in seeing how Harley Race would do in such an environment and one can only imagine how Andre the Giant would do inside the Octagon.

Vince McMahon recently ordered several stars on the main roster to go back to the Performance Center to improve & refine their in-ring skills. Thoughts?

He’s been doing this for years. Remember Vince sending Big Show down to OVW to lose weight and get better? If someone isn’t performing at the level that Vince wants them to be at for the WWE main roster, he has every right to send then down to the Performance Center to tighten up their in-ring technique. And admit it, a few training sessions with Drew Gulak and Adam Pearce can’t hurt.

What happened to Crimson? Does he still wrestle?

As of June 2018, Crimson (real name Anthony Mayweather), was working the Indy circuit and making regular appearances for OVW. Since the pandemic, he hasn’t been wrestling regularly, but does work as a personal trainer and has been going back to school, taking classes in business management.

Matt Morgan versus Kevin Nash. Who wins?

Morgan would win. Nash would tear a quad.

What are your thoughts and memories of JYD?

I don’t remember too much about JYD except what the Apter Mags reported when he was in Mid-South and then the few times I saw him in the WWF, but to be honest, I was never really impressed. He struck me as lazy in the ring and careless. I know he was popular, but I never saw it myself. When I did finally begin to see him regularly in WCW, after the WWF run, he was tremendously out of shape and just kind of coasting on his reputation from days past. I know that he turned heads and worked well under the guidance of Bill Watts in the Mid-South, but after that, he was just a shadow of himself and I never really got it.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see answered, about wrestling or anything at all, drop me a line and we’ll get it done. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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