Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Bray Wyatt, Kevin Greene, Favorite Match Ever & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Bray Wyatt, Kevin Greene, Favorite Match Ever & More
December 28, 2020

Welcome to the after-Christmas edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. It was only three days ago that Santa graced us with his presence and it seems as if it was a lifetime ago. I took a few days off, not by choice, but from sheer exhaustion and now I’m back. I was planning on being back yesterday, but the passing of Luke Harper/Brodie Lee took me by surprise obviously and I just wasn’t able to think or talk wrestling for a bit. Rest in Peace Jon Huber. And now, let’s get back to business.

Is Bray Wyatt a future Hall of Famer?

If Bray doesn’t go in for his career as Husky Harris, we riot. Just kidding there, but I have no doubt that at some point in the future, for his career in WWE as Husky, Bray, & The Fiend, that Windham Rotundo will one day wear a WWE Hall of Fame ring.

Allegedly, USA Network has told WWE that they want more adult content on RAW to help boost the ratings. Thoughts?

While I have no doubt that some at USA Network might be unhappy about the decline in ratings, WWE is still their #1 show so I strongly doubt that there have been any ultimatums issued by the USA Executives. Considering the source here, Meltzer, I think this is hype and speculation blown up to seem like it’s new when it really isn’t, like most of Meltzer’s “scoops”. WWE knows that they need to step things up a bit and as they proved this past Friday on Smackdown, will do as they deem necessary, no meddling by TV executives needed.

NFL Legend and Kevin Greene passed away yesterday. Thoughts on the part-time WCW star?

Greene was charismatic, likable, and one hell of a football player. And considering how green he was, a natural athlete and talent for WCW as well. If he had chosen a full-time career in wrestling after leaving the NFL, he would have had a good run. He had all the tools, but the NFL inserted a “no-wrestling” clause in his contracts and alas, it was not to be. But Greene was from all accounts a good guy, a stand-up guy, and fit in well with the WCW talents backstage. He’s going to be missed.

What is your favorite pro wrestling match of all time?

For me personally, I have two that immediately come to mind. No, make that three. One was Michael Youngblood wrestling Ethan Storm in Durham, NC many years ago. We (Michael, Storm, and I) rode together to the show, they beat the holy hell out of each other, and then we came home and had a few adventures along the way. An epic night I will always treasure in my memories. Then there was a match with Johnny Weaver versus Gene Anderson in Lumberton, NC. This was the early ’80s and both men were nearing the end of their careers. They had no business putting on a wrestling clinic, but that’s exactly what they did. No flips or fists (with all due respect to FTR for stealing their catch-phrase), but it was just two older men who wrestled, told a story, and stole the show in my opinion. And finally, at Clash of the Champions IV, Seasons Beatings, on December 7, 1988, the Midnight Express with Jom Cornette went against The Horsemen (Ric Flair & Barry Windham) w/ James J. Dillon. Go watch it on YouTube or The Network. A classic match that checked off all the boxes as to what a great match should be.

Do you think that Bray Wyatt has the chance to be this generation’s Undertaker or has WWE messed that idea up for him already?

There is no need for anyone to be this generation’s “Undertaker”. All Bray should work and focus on is being the best Bray Wyatt he can be, nothing more and nothing less.

Ric Flair mentioned in a recent interview that WWE is planning on constructing a new, physical Hall of Fame. Thoughts?

I hope this is true, but Flair isn’t the most reliable source sometimes. But a physical WWE Hall of Fame, with displays and histories about the legends inducted and the territories, would be an amazing thing to visit. I hope that WWE does go forward with this project and it happens. It would be ‘tres cool!

Who will be back first – Ronda Rousey or Brock Lesnar?

Brock currently (so far as we know) isn’t under contract with the WWE. His deal expired a few months ago and until we get the crowds back, I don’t think we’ll be seeing “the Beast” anywhere near a wrestling ring. As for Rousey, she is under contract until April if I’ve heard correctly and I can see WWE bringing her back in time to do something for Wrestlemania before that contract expires. I’ll say Rousey comes back first, probably at the Royal Rumble.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. I’ll be back tonight or in the morning to address the sad passings of Danny Hodge and Brodie Lee. Right now, work beckons and I need to get ready. Any questions, comments, or thoughts to share, please give me a shout using either the link above (Doug28352) or my e-mail address of Doug28352@yahoo.com. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@Doug28352) if you’d like. And take care of yourself. I’ll see you at the matches.


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