Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Brodie Lee, Pat McAfee, Trish Stratus & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Brodie Lee, Pat McAfee, Trish Stratus & More
December 29, 2020

I’m still tired from my “days off” from the job for the Christmas holidays. I think I need some work. Or maybe a longer vacation. JBL, give me strength. Let’s do the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A.

Who is the most random character from outside of professional wrestling that you’ve ever seen take part in a wrestling segment on TV?

Wrestling has long been known for having odd characters from all across the spectrum showing up and making cameos and appearances. Snooki at Wrestlemania? Toby Keith at TNA? Liberace? But the oddest ever in my opinion was Gary Spivey showing up in WCW to “help” Paul Orndorff become Mr.Wonderful again. “Who is Gary Spivey?”, you ask. Exactly. I’ll show the video clip here. It was just weird.

Both Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) & Danny Hodge passed away yesterday. Thoughts and memories of both men?

Danny Hodge was before my time and I only know of him by reputation and from hearing Jim Ross & Ole Anderson speak of the man and his legacy. Brodie Lee, that one hit me hard. I only knew of him through WWE (as Luke Harper) and then more recently in AEW, but the guy was something special. WWE didn’t seem to realize it and utilize him properly, but AEW seemed to be more on the right track until Lee was sidelined with an illness. Reading all the tributes to Lee on Twitter and in the media, you realize that he was not only a good performer in that ring but a damn good guy outside of it as well. It’s a sad day that he’s left us so soon, but the man left behind a legacy that will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace Jon Gruber, aka Brodie Lee/Luke Harper. You will be missed.

Rumors are that Pat McAfee was offered a role in Retribution. Thoughts?

McAfee has really made an impact in his short time working for WWE/NXT and is a good performer. I’m not sure about how well a fit he’d be for Retribution, but there are worse gigs and it’s an opportunity. I would prefer probably to see him continue as he has in NXT, but whatever he does, I think he’ll give 1000% and excel in that opportunity.

Tyson Kidd has stated that he thinks Davey Boy Smith Jr. should come back to the WWE. Thoughts?

If Davey Jr. feels it’s in the best interest of his career to go back to WWE, then he should do so, but personally, I’d like to see him try AEW and reunite with Pillman Jr. I think that might be where the most success, short-term at least, would be.

Trish Stratus recently mentioned how she’d like to wrestle Sasha Banks. Would you like to see Trish versus Sasha?

Trish versus Sasha could be a good match to see, especially if WWE ever brings back the all-woman PPV Evolution, but to be honest, given Trish’s age and lack of recent ring-time, she may be better suited to do a tag team match. How about Trish & Lita versus Sasha & Bayley? I know that Sasha and Bayley are currently on opposing sides and feuding, but why let a little issue like that matter? I think tag action would be the way to go to get the most out of Trish and any other returning legend who wants a match.

Should Brodie Lee be the first AEW Hall of Famer?

If AEW does eventually have a Hall of Fame, then I would agree that Brodie Lee should be among the first inductees.

With Brodie Lee passing away, who will be the next leader of the Dark Order?

I’m not even sure if there should be a replacement or if the Dark Order should even continue at this point, but if it does continue and they do get a new leader of the faction, I would say that the best options would be maybe Dustin Rhodes or if AEW wants to do something as an homage to Brodie, how about Erick Redbeard, aka Erick Rowan? He could come in to take over for his “brother”. Or for a major swerve, how about Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria/Tara. No real reason for including her except for I want to see her back in wrestling again and she’s a strong character with a slightly demented twist to her character. But seriously, Dustin or Rowan would be my top choices and options.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, questions, and thoughts are welcome. Have a great one and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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