Thirty Days of Dougie (2013) – Part 6: Random Musings

Tossing Salt Presents:
Flashback: Thirty Days of Dougie (2013)
Day 6: Random Musings

Way back in 2013, only eight years ago but it seems like a lifetime, I did one of many “Days of Dougie” blog series. But the thing is, I didn’t have this site yet and did them on my Facebook in the “Notes” section. And now that they’re showing up in my memories on Facebook, I think it’s time to share them one more time. So here you go. For the next thirty days or so, along with the current and new stuff I post on the site, we have some flashbacks as well. You’re welcome. Now, as I once heard said in the movie “Young Guns”, “Regulators, let’s move out!”. It was something to that effect anyhow. Let’s do this.

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 6: Random Musings
January 7, 2013

Okay, so here’s the deal. I was doing my new usual routine and reached into the magic box to get a topic for today’s “3DD” piece. I pulled out the topic and started writing and I was jamming along, but then I got distracted and had to leave. First, it was to do Food Lion for the food bank and then again, I was pulled away from my writing by a conversation with an extremely awesome and infamous dude. And that lasted for a while so now I’m here with only about twenty minutes to go before I have to kick it into gear and get ready for work. Uuugh!

I do NOT want to go into work today. But then again, I rarely ever WANT to go into work. I’m fine once I get there, but that whole “getting there” part just absolutely sucks! But today is an extra-blah type of day. One is that I’m working tonight with “Miss Thang” and that means extra work for me and a lot of confusion too. We just don’t have any kind of chemistry when it comes to working together and it’s a challenge to the extreme. I already worked with her last night so why again tonight? Why me? Why? And the other thing is that we’re having a big time store meeting. Everyone is required to be there and it’s mandatory crap.

I’ve already gotten the lowdown on most of what it’s going to be about and it’s more just a waste of mine and everyone else’s time than anything else. The DM will talk a few minutes. The manager will talk and essentially repeat what the DM says. And the Asst. Mgr. will start talking, totally repeating everything we already have heard and know, but will do it in a way that will piss off everyone and make tempers flare. And then we’ll be told about cutting hours, cutting waste, customer service, etc. No one will pay any attention or listen and then everyone will go their own separate ways and the entire experience will have been a total and absolute waste. I hate store meetings.

Actually, this one could be interesting though. I have a few things that I need to talk to my manager about and it might be better if it’s done while the DM is there as well, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. I don’t want to do this stuff, but if I have to, I may as well see what I can do to make it work to my advantage, right? Right!

Speaking of being on the same page, myself and the InFamous One floated a few ideas back and forth for InFamousTV, the new Facebook / YouTube extravaganza that is going to be our ways and means of making our marks and names in the world. I’ve already done that myself to a degree with the whole “Tossing Salt” thing, but believe me, if we can even do 1/2 of the things we’re thinking about, you haven’t seen anything yet. “Tossing Salt” went above and beyond and was definitely pro wrestling’s most eclectic column. InFamousTV will take up where “TS” left off and go even farther. And let’s don’t even think about the Infamous Tossing Salt columns that will be a combination of both the wrestling stuff (my world – welcome to it) and the world of K-Mak and K-Dawg (InFamousEnt). There’s magic in the air. Can you smell it? Actually, all I can smell is this candle that I have sitting next to my computer and burning. It’s “Gingerbread” and smells pretty good. But you get the idea, right? Of course, you do.

I’ll be right back. Let me go ahead and get ready for work and then I can come back and cut loose with this puppy right up until time to go. Doesn’t that sound like a plan? Of course it does. I’ll be back.

And I’m back and where does the time go? I’ve got 23 minutes before I have to leave here and head to the work-hole. And speaking of the work hole, what was up with all the people last night? Based on the customers that I had to deal with last night and their behavior, it seems as if N. Laurinburg was in extra-super ass-clown mode last night. Even the little children were being obnoxious little butt-munchers. I really do need to find a new “pay the bills” profession.

I just had a few more ideas for the InfamousTV that I haven’t even had a chance to run by my partners in crime yet. I think that Dougie just might have to overcome his shyness and introversion and make a few very special and pointed PSA’s… If it happens, you’ll see them.

I’m looking forward to tonight and tomorrow very, very much. I’m off work tomorrow which means tonight, probably after work, I’ll be out in the country and hanging with La Krew Familia. That’s great. And I finally figured out how to work our DVR thingy on the TV and have it set to record Monday Night RAW. So if all goes as I hope, I’ll be watching RAW in the morning. It’ll be the first full episode of RAW I’ve been able to see since they went to three hours. I might even do a recap. Yay!

My cat is crazy. That’s nothing new, but I just figured that I should mention that in case you didn’t know. And she loves me. ❤ I’m glad that someone does.

You know what’s bad here. I sat down before I went to go get ready for work to write this bloggy thing and had a million and one different topics going through my brain. I was pumped. I was psyched. I was doing the hokey-pokey and that’s what it’s all about. But now, that I’m actually sitting here and writing, I’m only able to think about two things. One is different skits and ideas for InfamousTV which are popping up in my head a mile a second. And the other is that I have to leave for work in 14 minutes and I don’t want to do this, but at the same time, I’m ready to do this and get it over with.

Why do fingernails grow so fast? I just bit all of mine off a couple of days ago and they’ve already grown back to the point of being annoying. It’s hard to type with long fingernails. Not that mine is really long – they’re actually barely there, but I know that they’re there and it annoys me. Just saying.

I just had another idea pop into my head. I need a boa, a headband and an annoying personality… are you ready for the Saltster… brutha? I think I know what character I want to portray when I do my Infamous Tossing Salt PSA’s… lol.

I think I’m going to go brush my teeth again. I’m hungry.

So I’m out of here for now. Maybe I should have just stuck with the original posting for the “30DD” piece, but it’s too late now. Tomorrow, it’s “dirt roads”. Today, it’s just this. Oy vey! Well, they can’t all be winners!

I’m out of here. For a good time, call BR-549. Later…


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