Flashback: Thirty Days Of Dougie (2013) – Day 20 – Dark Humor, Legs & Strangers With Candy…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Flashback: Thirty Days Of Dougie (2013)
Day 20: Dark Humor, Legs, and Strangers With Candy

Another flashback to the days before the site. This is from 2013 and is part of one of the first, but definitely not the last, Days of Dougie series. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 20: Dark Humor, Legs and Strangers With Candy

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It’s that time again where I reach into the magic box, pull out a random topic of discussion and see what I can do. It’s the “Thirty Days of Dougie”. It’s Part 20 (we’re 2/3rds of the way complete with this project – yay!) and today is Monday (uugh!), January 21rst. Today, President Obama and Vice President Biden were sworn into office for the second time in less than 24 hours. Why? Wasn’t once enough? I wonder if Justice Sotomeyer was able to stick around for this ceremony or did she have another book signing to get to? Only four years to go and then maybe we can “hope” for some real “change” because what we’ve had for the last four years (and are stuck with again for the next four) just isn’t cutting it.

Let’s reach into the box and find out what today’s topics are. We have “dark humor”, “legs” and “Life With Candy”… I’ve got about thirty-five minutes to go before I have to leave for work so do you think I can fit all three in? Hmmmmm? I think so, just so long as I don’t get distracted or texted to death… lol. Let’s do this…

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 20: Dark Humor, Legs and Strangers With Candy

January 21, 2013

Let’s start off with dark humor. Some call it sarcasm. Some call it inappropriate. Some call it twisted and sick. And some people actually get it. Hell, I call it the Obama administration. See, that was an example of it right there. Borderline offensive and possibly racist. Absolutely politically incorrect. And if you’re not an Obama-sheep person, you probably smiled. 

Humor is how we deal with pressure, stress, hard times, tears, etc. And for me, the dark, twisted sarcastic humor that shouldn’t be funny and really isn’t appropriate, that’s the kind that works the best. We’ve all heard that song “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies, where the singer says, “I’m the kind of guy that laughs at a funeral”. Well, that’s me. Because in a situation where everyone is sad or crying, do you really want to listen to the sobbing and bear witness to everyone being unhappy or would it be better to try to find the light, no matter how small or feeble, in the situation and try to make things better. 

My favorite comedians are people like George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Paul Lynde, and Steven Wright who seem to highlight the darker side of life. Be it through absurdity, saying what everyone else is thinking but won’t say, sarcasm, or explanation, these people showcase what dark humor is all about. I like gay jokes. I like racist jokes. I like sex jokes. I like offensive and inappropriate jokes. I like stuff that catches everyone off guard and leaves half the room shocked and speechless while the other half is laughing their collective asses off (either out loud or on the inside). 

And I’ve totally lost my train of thought on where I was going with this. So I’ll just suffice it to say that if it’s twisted, demented, warped, sexist, or wrong, I’m probably laughing at it right now… cause that’s how I roll. 

The next topic is “Legs”. Legs are cool. I have two of them. Most people do. That’s how we walk and run and ride bicycles. And kick people too. If you don’t have legs, you can’t kick people or tap-dance. That’s just how it goes. ‘Nuff said!

And finally, we have “Strangers With Candy”. This was a show on Comedy Central a few years ago about a woman named Jerri who was “a user, a boozer and a loser” and went back to school. It was so damn stupid and just sickening and crazy. I didn’t like it then, but as the years passed, I grew to appreciate the dark humor (see how that fit into this piece) and the whole insane situation. 

This show starred Amy Sedaris as Jerri and a then-not-to-well-known guy named Steven Colbert as the resident history teacher and closeted homosexual. Hang on for a second.

Okay, I had a phone call that I had to take. And now I only have about twenty minutes before I leave for work. *groans* I hope that I’m off tomorrow. I’m so tired and burnt out on that place that I lovingly refer to as “Taterville”. The B.S. and hypocrisy there is just… uugh! 

And this whole piece has just been a total waste, hasn’t it? I’m all over the place and just not feeling it today. Oh well! They can’t all be winners, can they? I may re-do this later tonight after I get home from work. Or I may just leave it as it is and move on and strive to do better. Or I can just blame it all on former President Bush. Yeah, that’s the ticket… lol.  

I’m closing this up now and going to go finish getting ready for work. Have a great night, my Peeps and if you’re in N. Laurinburg, come by the store and say hello. I’m down and I’m gone. See you tomorrow.


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