Flashback: Thirty Days Of Dougie (2013) – Part 21: Storms, Exes & Resolutions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Flashback: Thirty Days Of Dougie
Part 21: Storms, Exes, and Resolutions

We’re taking a trip back in time to the year 2013, before the site, but when the whole writing thing was just kicking up some smoke and starting to take hold. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 21: Storms, Ex’s and Resolutions

Is it Tuesday already? Where does the time go? It’s been a wild and crazy day already for me. I woke up way too early, watched part of RAW from last night, wrote a letter to the most awesome man I know and the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with (and yes, they are the same person), put a load of laundry in the washer, went to visit my sexy man-love and went to the store for cat food. And it’s only 10:30 am. Now it’s Food Lion in about thirty minutes for now (picking up for the food bank) and then who knows what else. Yeppers, today is my busy day. And I go to work at 4 pm. (groans) I think I need an assistant. Or a mini-me… lol.

Let’s see what kind of topic that I’ll be discussing today. Let’s reach into the magic box and draw a piece of paper. And the topic (or topics as the case may be) of the day for Part 21 of the “Thirty Days” project are… “Storms”, “Ex’s”, and “Resolutions for 2013”. Three good ones that may end up being a lot of fun. Let’s go ahead and do this. 

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 21: Storms, Ex’s and Resolutions for 2013

January 22, 2013

Okay, let’s start off with the storms because I do truly love and embrace them. There are few things as relaxing to me as be sitting safely inside my house (definitely a must) and listen to the sounds of the rain pouring outside and the thunder shaking the air as the lightning flashes. Some people don’t like them or are frightened by the power that they represent and what they’re capable of and I agree that they (and all-weather) must be respected. And if I have to go somewhere or be out in the weather, I’m not generally happy about them either. But if I’m safe in my home, then bring them on.

And storms have a great quality about them too in that they can make a person realize just how small and insignificant we truly are in the overall scheme of things. I know that doesn’t sound good, but sometimes people get so full of themselves and think that the world revolves around them and they’re a big deal. It’s about “me, me, me”, right? But then let them be stuck inside a house where the rain is pouring down and the thunder is shaking the walls. The lightning is flashing through the sky and it sounds as if the roof just might fly off the house at any moment. 

It’s not about them and their problems anymore. It tends to put things in perspective, at least in my muddled mind. 

 One of my favorite things is, when the weather is blasting outside, just to light a few candles, turn off the TV and lights, and open the curtains and just watch and listen and embrace the magic that’s happening. It’s a great time for reflection and just chillaxin’. And I definitely do. 

Another kind of storm is when a relationship goes bad. And that leads me to the next topic, “Ex’s”. See how I just slid from one topic to the other. That takes skill, my peeps. I’m assuming that this particular form of “Ex’s” refers to former persons who once there was a romantic relationship of some sort, but now it’s over. And it’s a weird topic for me to be writing about because so far as “real relationships” go, I’ve only had a few. The “school stuff” with Laura and then Resa and then after that, a couple of strange and awkward relationships with three women and a couple of guys, but nothing really major. Most of my relationships have been for cheap thrills and the “F.W.B.” type deals where we’re not really dating, but we are together, at least some of the time. So would those folks be considered exes? Hmmmmm?

Actually, the large majority of those folks are now friends and even though there is nothing going on, the positives of the relationships are, for the most part, still intact and exist. So I don’t consider them to be exes. It’s just that the nature of the relationship has changed. There are only two long term relationships in my life that I would label as “definitely over” and there is no contact, no desire for any contact and those persons are pretty much dead in my eyes. And yeah, I’ll name names. Pa and Danny. They were good for some things, but not good for many others. It was a bad deal and now that they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Period! Those are the only true exes that I have. 

Everyone else is an “Evo” which means that our relationship has evolved from using each other and causal relations into a friendship or casual acquaintanceship or something of that nature. Life goes on and so do we. 

Yeah, I sort of just dodged the entire issue there, didn’t I? I’m good at that. Also, I’m nearly out of time and need to go get ready for work and I still have one more topic to go so I needed to move on. Let’s tackle the final topic which is “Resolutions for 2013”.

I’m not really a big person on making resolutions for a new year. After all, why make them when you know that you’ll be breaking them probably within the first few days of the year anyhow. But I did make a couple of general resolutions that I was going to strive for. Let’s run those down very quickly and see how I’m doing on them.

1. Start writing again. Well, you’re reading “Thirty Days of Dougie” so we’re off to a good start.

2. Expand the “Tossing Salt” concept if possible. Which is being done with the “InFamousTV” folks.

 3. Get Cal home where he belongs and live happily ever after. Working on that.

4. Find a new job and make some real money doing something I actually like and enjoy. Working on that.

5. Lose weight. Bleh!

6. Be happy. It’s a work in progress, but I think things are generally going in the right direction.

7. Finish off the “fantasy list”. It’s a list of who I’d like to get funky like a monkey with at least one time that I made in a moment of total boredom/insanity a while back. It’s nearly complete. Just a couple more names to go (and one added just a few months ago – Mr. Hideous, you’ve been warned) and it’ll be complete.

8. Get a job of some sort in the wrestling business (besides my “T.S.” gig). Working on that too.

And there you go. My resolutions for 2013 and so far, so good. It’s going to be a great year. I’ve already decided upon that. 

And with that, I’m out of here. Have to leave for work in six minutes, six minutes, six minutes Dougie Fresh and you’re on. (That never gets old!). Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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