Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Sammy Guevara, Cedric Alexander, Edge & Christian & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Sammy Guevara, Cedric Alexander, Edge & Christian & More
February 20, 2021

After nearly three weeks, the questions have piled up and we’re playing catch-up. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Who were your five legit real-life tough guys, in and out of the ring?

The five guys that come to mind, from the world of professional wrestling, that I think are legit tough guys and bad-asses, both in and out of the ring, would be Harley Race, Meng, Andre the Giant, Wahoo McDaniel & Brian Pillman.

What is your favorite thing about today’s era of professional wrestling?

The athleticism. When you look at the majority of men and women in the wrestling world today, you know these people are athletes. Great physiques, endurance, and a look that says, “professional athlete”. While then men and women of the past might have been legit tough guys and better all-around characters, they didn’t look like athletes. Dick Murdoch looked like a truck driver. Dusty Rhodes looked like a big goof. It didn’t affect their in-ring performances or skills, but it was hard to take them seriously as athletes, at least until they got into that ring and kicked ass. Now wrestlers kick ass and look great at the same time. It’s a better world.

What annoys you the most about today’s era of professional wrestling?

Two things grind my gears more than anything else. One is the scripted lines and promos. Everyone talks and sounds alike and not natural at all. Give the talent bullet points and let them put their own spin on the product. It’ll make the characters come across as more real and believable. And the other thing is continuity. If something happened in the past, don’t ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen. Acknowledge it and be consistent. It would make thing a thousand percent better.

Who would you like to see at a “Table For Four” discussion? I want to see Jim Cornette, Dave Meltzer, Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo.

That would be a conversation for the ages to be sure. I can’t top your picks, but how about CM Punk, Triple H, Chris Jericho & Jim Cornette all together at one table with the cameras rolling? That would be epic.

Thoughts on Cedric Alexander?

Good talent in the ring. He’s a little bland on the personality side of things but with a little assistance from someone who can talk, he’s got all the tools to be a top mid-card guy for WWE.

Thoughts on Sammy Guevera “quitting” the Inner Circle and what do you think is next for Sammy?

Sammy is a natural face, even if he does have a face you want to punch. Just watch his VLOG and you’ll get it. This whole deal with the Inner Circle and the heat with MJF has been well done and has been one of the few consistent and interesting things on AEW for me to enjoy. When MJF turns on Jericho, will an alliance with Sammy be revealed or will the team of Le Sex Gods be reunited to combat MJF’s Inner Circle? I think, if what I hear is true, the next moves for Sammy involve Impact Wrestling and the X-Division Championship as he bides his time to bring the Inner Circle drama to its climax. Sammy is a good worker and stand-out talent for AEW so I’m pretty sure that regardless of whatever the future holds for this man, it’ll be of epic proportions.

Would you like to see Edge & Christian reunite and go after the tag team titles?

Somewhere down the road, it has to happen, and seeing Edge & Christian once again wearing tag team gold would reek of awesomeness. So that’s a yes from me.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, feel free and give me a shout. I’m back. Take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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