Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Wrestling Rappers, Baron Von Raschke, The Hardy Boyz & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Wrestling Rappers, Baron Von Raschke, The Hardy Boyz & More
March 10, 2021

Let’s do the Q&A thing. It’s all about the rasslin’. And away we go.

So we got Bad Bunny) working for WWE, Bow Wow training for the ring and Soulja Boy wants a match with Randy Orton. What other rappers or singers would you like to see wrestle?

I don’t want to see any rappers or singers or actors for that matter in the ring wrestling. Leave the wrestling to the actual wrestlers. If Bow Wow is legit training and serious, more power to him, but if it’s just someone looking for some cheap publicity and trying to be relevant, Yes, I’m talking about Soulja Boy, to heck with him. He’s a joke and allowing him to have a match or “wrestle” would just give him the credibility he doesn’t deserve. Singers should sing. Actors should act. Rappers should suck. And leave the wrestling to the men and women who are wrestlers. ‘Nuff said!

Brian Cage versus Christian Cage in a cage match. Who wins?

The announcers and the promotion trying to build this match up. It’d be a good match and the play on names and words, would be very entertaining. As for the match, I love me some Christian, but Brian Cage would get the win here.

The Young Bucks recently said that the Hardy Boyz are the biggest box office tag team act in the history of the business. Do you agree?

I don’t want to disagree, but the name “Road Warriors” keeps popping up in my head, and as successful as Matt and Jeff have been, I think that Animal and Hawk might have done just a slight bit better in overall picture of things.

Why isn’t Baron Von Raschke in the WWE Hall of Fame yet?

Even though he’s a true legend, a multi-time champion from nearly every company he’s worked for, respected and loved by the majority of his peers, and an iconic legend in every sense of the word, the Baron will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame by WWE for one reason. He portrayed a Nazi character in the sixties and seventies, and in today’s overly-sensitive and politically correct world, the mere idea of the WWE inducting a Nazi into the Hall of Fame, even though it was just a character and the real James Raschke represented the United States at the Pan American games and he spent the last several years of his career as a baby-face, would make liberal heads explode and everyone would freak out. So unless he’s snuck in under the radar as a Legacy Inductee, due to the risk of offending the left, the Baron will always be a no-go for the Hall of Fame and that truly sucks because if anyone is truly deserving, the Baron would be the man. And that is all the people need to know.

WWE finally seems to be using its Women’s Championship across brands, with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler popping up across shows and particularly with the integration of Women’s Dusty Cup. Would a Wrestlemania match featuring the champs against contenders from each of the three shows be a viable option, or do you prefer the straightforward two-on-two?

While in general, I prefer my title matches to be one on one with the champions only having one opponent, given the nature of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and that Nia and Baszler defend on all three brands, I can easily justify having them participate in a multi-team match at Mania to defend their titles. The champions versus a team from RAW versus a team from Smackdown versus a team from NXT in a fatal-4way match. It might not be fair to the champions, but it could make for a fun and interesting match.

Are the Nasty Boys HOF worthy?

As multiple time tag team champions in the WWE and WCW. I think that would qualify them and make them Hall of Fame worthy so I would say yes.

Who was the greatest World Champion of all time in your opinion?

There have been so many great and talented men to hold that honor in the forty-plus years I’ve been a fan, it’s hard to nail it down to just one, but my gut instinct says the man, the myth, the toughest man on God’s green earth, 8-time NWA World Champion Harley Race. I’m good with that choice so Harley, it is.

Jerry Lawler versus Larry Zbyszko, in their primes. Who wins?

Easy pick as I would never bet against a Living Legend. Larry stalls for the first 45 minutes of the match and then after a spin-kick to the gut, using a roll-up and a foot on the ropes to score the win. Zbyszko wins as it should be.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to ask, feel free and drop me a line. Let’s chat. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great one and stay safe. Take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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