Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Biggest Stars of Wrestling, WWE For Sale & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

Biggest Stars Of Wrestling, WWE for Sale & More
June 7, 2021

Who do you consider the biggest star of the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, ‘2000s, and ‘2010s decades? If these six men met in a match, no DQ’s and no count-outs, who would win?

I would go with Bruno Sammartino for the Sixties. The seventies would go to Harley Race. For the ’80s, it would be Hulk Hogan. The ’90s would go to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. For 2000 – 2010, I think I’d go with The Undertaker. And for 2010 – 2020, I’d say John Cena. As for a match between these six men, it would be a slobber-knocker to be sure and I’d have John Cena come out as the big winner.

Same question, but with tag teams?

I’m not sure about a tag team for the Sixties, but I’ll just pick one at random with Johnny Weaver & George Becker. For the seventies, it would be The Anderson Brothers, Ole & Gene. The ’80s go to the Road Warriors. The ’90s would belong to The Steiner Brothers. For 2000 – 2010, I’d say The Dudley Boyz. And for the past ten years, I’ll go with Jimmy and Jey Uso. As for the winning team, what a rush it would be to have Animal and Hawk, the Road Warriors, win.

Same question, but with female wrestlers?

This one isn’t so easy since women wrestlers were considered more of a novelty than anything else for the most part until the past twenty years or so. There were some fantastic lady performers in the earlier decades, but they were rarely given credit or their just dues. So let’s do this. For the ’60s, I’ll go with Fabulous Moolah. For the ’70s, I’ll go with former AWA Women’s Champion Penny Banner. For the ’80s, how about Madusa, later to be known as Alundra Blaze. The ’90s and I’ll go with Sherri Martel. For 2000 – 2010, I’m picking Trish Stratus. And for 2010 – 2020, I’m picking Charlotte Flair. And who wins this epic battle of six of the toughest women of all time? I would go with Madusa.

Do you think Vince is planning to sell the WWE?

That’s the billion-dollar question and while many recent activities seem to point in that direction, I don’t think it’s going to happen, not so long as Vince is alive and breathing. I can see selling parts of the business and leasing out parts of the company as WWE has done with The Network and Peacock, but I don’t see Vince giving up control and majority ownership of his baby for anyone. Once he passes away or retires, anything is possible, but so long as Vince is semi-sane and able, the majority owner of WWE will always be a McMahon.

Thoughts on John Cena’s apology to China?

He was forced to do it by the Fast & Furious producers and looks like a wimp for caving in to their demands, but it is what is is and what he had to do. And for the record, Taiwan is a country.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, questions, or thoughts about anything wrestling-related, or anything at all for that matter, feel free to drop me a line. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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