Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jeff Hardy, SummerSlam, Eddie Guerrero & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

Jeff Hardy, SummerSlam, Eddie Guerrero & More
June 12, 2021

It’s Saturday night and it’s all right for fighting. Today feels like a Sunday to me. Regardless of all of that, it’s time to talk some ‘rasslin. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Why do kids find wrestling far more enjoyable than adults?

Kids aren’t as cynical and are far more capable of suspending their belief than adults are, thus when the grown men and women start with the fake-fighting, kids believe. At least that’s my theory.

Do you believe people have lost respect for the WWE with their mass releases during a pandemic while turning record profits? I know myself, This recent round of firings is the final straw. I can’t bring myself to support the company.

I do think that they went a little overboard with some of the cleaning house, but sometimes we forget that WWE is a major corporation and being heartless is part of the deal. Did I lose any respect for them? I respect the men and women who perform, who put the shows together, and who sacrifice for the entertainment of the fans, not the bean counters in corporate management. I can’t lose the respect that I never had.

How excited would you be if it ends up being Brock vs Lashley and Roman vs Cena as the main events of SummerSlam?

That sounds good for me and I’d definitely watch.

Where do you think Jeff Hardy would be if he didn’t have so many drug and alcohol issues? I think he would be a multiple-time world champion.

I agree that Jeff Hardy has, at times, been his own worst enemy and the biggest problems in Jeff’s career have been the demons he constantly fights. Would he have held more World titles? No one can say for sure, but I think that’s a strong possibility. Hardy is one of those rare talents who are so good, they’re their own worst enemy. Barry Windham was the same way. As to what might have been if things had been different, we can only speculate and guess, but I think Jeff had the potential to rival Steamboat or Eddie Guerrero with his talent and capabilities.

What is going on with Bray? Personal problems? WWE doesn’t know how to use him? I worry that he’s going to be released soon.

From what I recently read, all of this was planned and Bray is just waiting in the wings for the go-ahead from Creative for the chance to come back to TV. From what I understand, he’s well-liked by Vince and everyone backstage so a release isn’t in his immediate future although, considering the past few months, nothing can be definite. I think Bray is just waiting for his cue and we’ll see The Fiend come back to WWE TV and deal with the betrayal by Miss. Bliss as well as get back into the main event and title picture.

If you could have a “4th brand” in WWE, who would be your World Heavyweight, Women’s, & Tag Team Champs?

A fourth brand? I can barely keep up with RAW, Smackdown, and NXT. But what the hell, I’ll play along. For my World Champion, I’d have Seth Rollins. He’s annoying, but he’s damn good. For my tag team champions, I’d bring back Buddy Murphy and team him with Pete Dunne to make what I feel would be an outstanding tag team. And for my Women’s Champion, I’d go with currently the best overall female wrestler in WWE at the moment not wearing a title belt, Asuka.

If you had a contract from EVERY wrestling promotion on Earth in front of you at this moment; which one are you signing?

It would depend upon the money, the character and role I would be playing, the work schedule and travel, the outside opportunities I’d be allowed to pursue or not pursue, and the length of the contract. And then I’d listen to a pep-talk from Vince McMahon and sign with WWE anyhow.

How do you think this Alexa Bliss storyline plays out long term?

I think Alexa will continue her path of craziness for a while, dominating the Women’s Division, but not as champion, but just as the resident weirdo and bully. And then we’ll have Bray come back looking for revenge and they’ll both drag other wrestlers into the situation and things will be crazy. And finally, we’ll get a miracle as the spirit that is Sister Abigail or whatever you want to call it, is removed from Alexa and we have the original character back, ready to wrestle and be a major WWE superstar as she is destined to be, with the time spent doing wacky supernatural stuff never to be spoken of again.

What do you think Eddie Guerrero would be doing if he was still with us?

I think Eddie would be working as a producer for the WWE, maybe doing a podcast with Conrad Thompson, and running a wrestling school with his cousin Chavo, training young men and women to be the next big stars of tomorrow.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or any questions you’d like to ask about wrestling or anything at all for that matter, feel free to use the comment box or drop me a line at my e-mail address of Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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