Ten Days Of Dougie (Day 7) – Hidden Realms, Good Boss/Bad Boss & Sneaky Snake…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ten Days Of Dougie – Day 7
Hidden Realms, Good Boss/Bad Boss & Sneaky Snake
July 10, 2021

I should have been a rap star. No, I can’t rap, write music, keep a beat, and I’m a white boy, but lack of talent and skills haven’t stopped anyone else. And this is 2021 so if I claim to identify as a rap star, I am one. Isn’t that how it works? So I’m a rapper now. I’ll drop a track and get into a Twitter war with someone later in the week. But first, I have to pop a cap into someone’s ass, smack some ho’s around, get a gold tooth and some chains, and forget every bit of upbringing I’ve ever had while I fire up a fattie. Damn, all of that sounds way too hard for my elderly cracker-ass. Forget it. I don’t want to be a rapper. I’d rather have a real job as a blogger and creative genius who runs his own website. And speaking of, it’s Ten Days of Dougie, Day 7. Are you ready for some insights and sarcasm? Let’s get the Magic Bag out and do this shit.

We have the Magic Bag in hand and it’s time to pull out a few topics for discussion. We have Hidden Realms, Good Boss/Bad Boss, and Sneaky Snake. Yeah, I can work with this so let’s can the chit-chat and just do it. And away we go.

Hidden Realms…

When I think of hidden realms, places we don’t know about and that only exist in our imagination, I think of the lost city of Atlantis. I think of Mt. Olympus. I think of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And while I seriously don’t believe that the last one exists anywhere but in the imagination and mind of JK Rowling, the rest of them, I’m not too sure about. Scientific proof and speculation by scientists imply that at one point and time, Atlantis may have actually existed. I doubt it was ruled by Prince Namor or Aquaman, but a landmass that for whatever reason ended up sinking to the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago, is that really so hard to believe? And other realms, other dimensions, just outside of our reality, but co-existing and as real as we are? It all sounds like science fiction and something out of a comic book, but would anyone truly be surprised to find out that alternate realities do exist? I wouldn’t. Maybe we’re an alternate reality? Maybe we’re all just someone’s dream? I’m not saying we are, but I’m not saying we’re not either. I’m just saying think about it. Cool shit, right? Let’s move on.

Good Boss/Bad Boss…

There are two kinds of bosses and I’ve had both at different points in my life and career. A good boss is someone who treats you with respect, who tries to include his employees in the good aspects of the job as well as the bad, who wouldn’t ask an employee to do something that they won’t do themselves, who understands that running a business is a group effort and requires teamwork, not a dictatorship and barking out orders.

And a bad boss? One that gives no direction or guidance, but just gives orders. A boss who won’t have any faith or trust in their employees and doesn’t have their back when needed. One who won’t take responsibility and instead throws the employee under the bus when things go wrong. A boss who makes coming to work a dreaded task and a miserable place to be with micromanagement and negativity.

There are other examples for both good and bad bosses, but you get the drift. During my glorious 43 years as a working person, I’ve had both good and bad boss-people. I’ve had employers who were tough as nails, but truly a pleasure to be around and work for. I’ve had managers who were shallow, inept, and each day was a dreadful experience that I was thankful for when it came to a close. I won’t name any names, but let’s just suffice it to say that when it comes to boss people, I could tell you some stories. My current boss, he’s one of the good ones, a great guy and a genuine pleasure to work for so I’ve lucked out in the end, but the path I took to getting here, oy vey. It’s been a hell of a ride. Let’s wrap this booger up.

Sneaky Snake…

It’s a song by Mr. Tom T. Hall and it’s about a snake who likes to laugh and drink beer. Yes, it’s a real song and I’m going to share it with you right now. Tom T. Hall is one of the best songwriters/storytellers to ever come out of Nashville and this is just one great example of why. Enjoy.

And there you go. Another day in the books and we won’t even mention that I’m running a day late. I started yesterday and was on track, but anxiety, depression, and these damn animals that I love, but also who wear greatly upon the nerves, all took their toll and I ended up curled up in my room rather than finishing what I started. I feel much better today and I’m catching up with Day 8 coming up this afternoon. But so far as Day 7 goes, it’s here and we’re wrapping it up. Yay!

My thanks for reading. Comments, questions, and any other thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay good and safe and please always remember (and never forget), that if you’re having a bad day, make it a good one instead by making it a Day of Dougie. You’ll be glad you did. I’ll see you on the flip side.


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