Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE For Sale, Bray Wyatt, Making RAW Great & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

WWE For Sale, Bray Wyatt, Making RAW Great & More
August 12, 2021

I just finished watching several videos by the duo of JHoody & Drunk Dane called “No Chaser”. Several editions are now posted on the site and there are more to come. I want a drink, but I can’t do that right now. Damn! Instead, let’s talk about some wrestling. Are you ready for the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? let’s do this.

With all these releases, especially Braun and Bray, do you believe that Vince is getting ready to put WWE on the market?

It would make sense since he’s cutting the overhead by eliminating some of the larger contracts and overhead, not only with the releases of Braun and Bray but a number of NXT talents as well. It’s been a busy time for the management of WWE in cutting the roster and costs across the board. But does this mean that Vince wants to sell the company? As Vince gets older, I can imagine that he’s getting tired of the day-to-day responsibilities and running a billion-dollar corporation. And if he doesn’t feel that his heirs, HHH & Stephanie, are competent to run the company to his standards, why not place it up for sale. I can’t see Vince giving up total control so even if he does sell, I think it would be a partnership rather than parting with everything. So long as Vince is alive, I think the McMahons will own and control WWE. After he’s gone, who knows?

If the support for Bray continues week on week and fans continue to chant for him, especially during Alexa’s matches, do you think they come to their senses and rehire him?

I would love to see WWE reverse course and have Bray not only stay with the company and maybe get a big raise in the deal, but pull a major swerve and repackaging where the elements of the previous characters are still there, but it’s new, improved, and better than ever with a dominant run as a top guy in WWE. That would be awesome. They need to bring back Bo as well as his associate and ally.

What should they do with Bryan and CM Punk’s first programs in AEW if they are headed there?

For Bryan, I’d just have him come out and interrupt Omega and his AEW version of the Bullet Club and make a demand that if Omega is as good as he claims, then he needs to take on the challenge of the American Dragon and challenge for the title. As for Punk, it’s time to do a promo from out of nowhere, lots of pipe bombs about his past and future in AEW, and have him call out the big names of the company like Omega, Cody, Sting, The Inner Circle, The Pinnacle, etc. Just let Punk be Punk and let the chips fall where they may.

What does WWE need to do to make Raw more appealing to the wrestling universe again?

Have fewer rematches, more competitive matches with a wider variety of talents, and less scripting on the promos. Let the characters and the wrestlers behind them be themselves more and less of a cookie-cutter character. And get rid of the writers that don’t know about wrestling and let people with a wrestling background book the matches and create the stories.

Who do you think should beat Miro for the TNT title?

Based on what I see is booked for next week on Dynamite, I’d say how about Fuego Del Sol? Fuego can win it in a fluke and have Miro, using the return of Lana or maybe even Impact star Drama King Mike, aka Aiden English, win the belt back in the rematch at the next pay-per-view. Fuego is the man and it’d be a great career boost for him and a fun feud to see.

Who is your dream matchup for Bray Wyatt if he goes to AEW?

If Bray does end up in AEW, I’d like to see him up against Lance Archer and his manager Jake Roberts. And maybe Bray versus MJF could be fun as well.

What is next for Ric Flair?

AEW, a few commercials, probably a rap video or two, and unfortunately probably a return to the ring taking bumps. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about the last part, but I don’t think I am. Whatever the future holds, diamonds are forever and so is Ric Flair.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions that you’d like me to take a crack with, feel free and give me a shout. And with that, I’m out of here. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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