Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Gable Steveson, Brian Cage, WALTER & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Gable Steveson, Brian Cage, WALTER & More
September 6, 2021

Yes, I will be talking about All Out, most likely tonight or tomorrow, but let’s answer these things in chronological order. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Gable Steveson has seemingly, signed a deal with WWE. What do you think?

An Olympic Gold Medalist wanting to be a WWE Superstar. Why does this sound so familiar? Oh yeah, but at least Steveson isn’t starting off with a broken freakin’ neck. If this guy proves to be half as good as Kurt Angle did, we’re in a for a treat in a few years. Definitely a good move by the WWE.

Your top 5 of the finest women that’s CURRENTLY signed to WWE?

I don’t care so much about “fine” as if they can work and entertain, but what the hell. I’d go with Alexis, Carmella, Sasha, Mandy and the Empress, Asuka.

Kayfabe News recently did a parody article about Jim Cornette & Vince Russo being hired to run NXT. Wouldn’t it be cool to see this happen in real life?

If they wouldn’t kill each other first, it could be interesting to see. Russo actually had some good stuff when he had someone looking over his shoulder and to keep him in line. Corny knows wrestling and how to book a show so it makes sense and is consistent and logical so he could definitely be a big help with the NXT product if he has someone he respects there to reign him in sometimes and to make him more flexible to the entertainment part of the business. Put these two together and have Jim Ross and Dutch Mantell added to the mix to allow some adults into the room and let’s see what Corny and Russo could come up with. No matter what it may be, it’d still be better than Vince, Brother Love, and Johnny Ace.

Would you like to see CM Punk against Jungle Boy?

I think Punk versus Jungle Boy somewhere down the road could be a very interesting and entertaining match. I’d like to see it.

Is AEW is misusing Brian Cage? He should be on a Brock Lesnar level ripping through talent with Taz being his mouthpiece.

Cage is, to me, lost in the shuffle right now in AEW. He and Powerhouse Hobbes could be an excellent tag team and Cage in his own right is a top guy in every sense of the word. AEW just hasn’t seemed to realize that yet. Hopefully, once the dust settles from all the new arrivals, Cage will get his opportunity and have a chance to shine.

If you were a wrestler, who would you want as your manager?

It would probably depend upon what part of the country and company I’m working for at the time and if I’m a heel or a face, but my top picks would be either Sir Oliver Humperdink Gary Hart, or Woman.

Would WALTER be better off in AEW?

WALTER is a legit monster that could and should be a top guy regardless of no matter what company he’s working for, be it AEW, WWE, NXT, or whatever. WWE seems to be bringing him along slowly as part of their NXT UK brand, but whenever he does move to the main roster, he’s going to be a big star. Just imagine WALTER versus Roman. How about WALTER versus Brock? He would do well in AEW, but for now, I think his best possible future lies with the WWE. They seem to realize what they have with WALTER and are waiting for the right time to pull the trigger and unleash him onto the main roster. If it doesn’t work, then AEW could be a possibility, but not just yet.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to ask, feel free and give me a shout. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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