5 Questions: People, Masks, Just Friends & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions: People, Masks, Just Friends & More
September 19, 2021

Life is full of strange twists and turns and yes, there are plenty of questions as well. This is where I tackle those questions, from the mind of my loyal reader Jax, five at a time. Let’s do this.

If Joe Biden was Republican, would the media be treating him differently?

If Biden was a Republican, every move and gaffe would be a headline to be commented on, criticized, and ripped apart. But instead, since he’s a Democrat and more importantly, not Donald Trump, all we get for the screw-ups, the repeated lies, the hypocrisy, the illegal activities, the unconstitutional power grabs, and the just plain weirdness, is crickets. Real journalism is dead and now it’s just biased spin and propaganda, especially if you’re a Democrat.

Why are people so rude?

Because they have no upbringing and feel entitled that the world owes them everything and being respectful or polite is perceived as a sign of weakness. More people need a pissed-off Grandma with a switch smacking their ass repeatedly. This world would be a better place.

Do you support the Mask Mandate?

To be honest, I hate the damn things and think they’re about as effective as a piece of dog shit in stopping the effects of a hurricane, but here’s the deal. I personally don’t like them, but my place of employment requires them if you enter our business. A face mask is required. So while I’m at work, since it’s required by my employer, I wear one for the time I’m there. And if anyone comes into the business not wearing one, I’ll call them out and tell them that they need to have one on while in our store. I don’t have to like them, but if the boss-man says to wear them, and he does, then I do. And usually, if I go into a business that requires them, I will wear one simply because I understand that it’s their policy and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. So no, I don’t support mask mandates and no, I don’t like wearing the damn things, but out of respect to my employer and others, I will put one on if required. And there you go.

Can you be attracted to someone, yet still be just friends?

Most definitely. As a gay man, I like guys. Duh! And 90% of my closest friends are straight guys (and sexy ass ones at that). But I value friendship as more important than trying to score or get into anyone’s pants. Yes, I will check them out and that applies to almost all of the men I come across in life. Yeah, they’re sexy. No, they’re not. Nice butt! Damn, they got some bushy eyebrows, etc. I’m gonna look, period. And knowing my sarcastic mentality and mouth, I’ll make the occasional suggestive or crude comment, but that’s just me. But if I’m friends with a guy and I know they’re straight and won’t be responsive to being hit on, I won’t do it, aside rom the occasional joke. And they will know I’m just being an ass. Let me be clear that if I know they’re open to trying different things and seriously try to call my bluff when I’m just poking the bear if you will, then all bets are off if I find them attractive. I don’t bluff. But just because I think you’re hot doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends. I’ll respect your boundaries and person. Friendship means more than getting laid and it’s the bonds of friendship and common interests that matter most. It’s just that simple.

Do you believe the moon landing really happened?

Yeah, I do think it was real. I also think though that our people have been to other places and planets as well, but all of that is classified and we’re kept in the dark about it. Alien life, space and time travel, parallel universes, magic, etc. It’s all real, but the general public and average joe, we’re not being told about it. The powers-that-be don’t think we’re ready for that stuff as of yet. And the sad thing is, with the majority of people in this world. they’re probably right.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you on the flip side.


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