Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Ric Flair, Plane Ride Fallout, Tommy Dreamer & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Ric Flair, Plane Ride Fallout, Tommy Dreamer & More
September 21, 2021

I should have done this last night, but I was tired. Better late than never though, right? It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

What has been your favorite rivalry in AEW so far?

There have been many good ones such as The Inner Circle versus MJF and friends, Jericho versus MJF, Omega versus Moxley, and so on. But the best one, the most fun for me, started on Sammy Guevera’s VLOG and continues to this day between Fuego Del Sol and QT Marshall. An online video feud has led to bigger roles in the company for both men and that is definitely a good thing.

MJF versus Brian Pillman Jr. Really?

Yes, really. This gives AEW a chance to elevate Pillman so he can show what MLW fans already know and how good the man actually is in that ring. MJF and Pillman have good chemistry and the promos thus far have been getting a lot of attention. It’s an old-school-style feud and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

What are some wrestler names you originally hated or thought were terrible but they eventually grew on you?

Baron Von Raschke was one that I hated as a kid, but then I learned about the man, his background, and watched a few shoots and now I consider myself one of the legendary villain’s greatest fans. I haven’t been a big fan of The Dudley Boyz since ever, but Bully Ray’s run as a singles star in TNA turned me into a fan. And hell, ECW didn’t do much for me in its prime days and run. I was a WCW guy all the way, But looking back now, I’ve grown to appreciate the violence, the story-telling, and the work those men and women did. Good, solid stuff.

I know that Ric Flair had wrestled just about every top name in the era, but one top name has been absent during this time that I think would of been a great angle. Why didn’t he ever wrestle Larry Zybszko?

Mainly because they were never on opposite sides of the fence when in the same territory. Zbyszko was a mid-level heel in WCW while Ric was WCW Champion and a member of the Horsemen. It wouldn’t have made sense. It would have been a great angle and Zbyszko talks about, in his biography, that there was talk of an AWA invasion of WCW at one point with he, as the AWA Champion, supposed to directly challenge the WCW Champion, Ric Flair, but blames Jim Barnett into getting into the ears of WCW management and thus, it never panned out. Zbyszko versus Flair would have been a good rivalry and the promos would have been excellent, but alas, it just remains a dream match and what-if scenario. Too bad.

Who was your favorite Attitude Era Diva?

Easy question for me. As anyone who’s been around me for any length of time knows, my beloved was and will always be Lisa Moretti, aka Ivory. From GLOW to the WWE to the Hall of Fame and she worked hard and looked great and deserves every bit of success she has had.

Thoughts on Ric Flair after the revelations of the Dark Side Of The Ring Plane Ride From Hell episode?

My thoughts on Ric are that he is still one of the greatest all-around professional wrestlers of all time, but let’s be honest. He’s also a man who’s irresponsible, childish, and often his own worst enemy. Are these allegations a surprise to anyone who’s paid the slightest bit of attention to Flair for the past thirty years? In the era of “Me Too”, Ric was and is a disaster waiting to happen and it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Honestly, I’m surprised that it took this long for the “Nature Boy” to implode. I hope that this doesn’t totally destroy the legacy of great matches and stories that Ric had over his esteemed career, but it just might and Ric has no one to blame but himself if that happens. It’s sad, but actions have consequences, even if it’s twenty years later.

Thoughts on Impact Wrestling suspending Tommy Dreamer indefinitely?

This one, I don’t get. Dreamer made a comment that might offend some people and didn’t come off well, but he’s never been accused of doing anything to anyone and his only crime is speaking before he thinks, something I can admit I know a lot about. I could see Impact maybe pulling him off the TV and quietly moving him to a backstage position while this all blows over since this is the “Era Of Woke” and people are just looking for excuses to claim they’re victims and that their feelings have been hurt, but an indefinite suspension is too much in my opinion. Dreamer deserves better.

Who’s better Y2J or Rey Mysterio?

Both are excellent wrestlers who continue to defy the odds and entertain at a point when most would be transitioning to a job at the local Wal-Mart, but to me, there is no comparison as to who’s the better all-around talent and that would be Chris Jericho. By constantly reinventing himself, Jericho has managed to stay fresh and relevant as the times and product change, keeping a solid spot as a top guy. Rey is a masked luchador who is small, but moves fast and defies the odds. That’s his gimmick and it always has been and continues to be. It works for him and more power to him for doing it well, but it also holds him back in the big picture of things. So who’s better overall? Gotta go with Y2J.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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