Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Charlotte, Bray Wyatt, Wrestlers Returning To WWE & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Charlotte, Bray Wyatt, Wrestlers Returning To WWE & More
October 30, 2021

Are you ready to do that Ultimate Wrestling Q&A thing? Let’s get busy. It’s clobbering time!

Thoughts on the recent ill-feelings and alleged problems between Charlotte and Becky?

I think that maybe Charlotte is missing her boyfriend and dad and starting to get a little frustrated with the WWE and their start/stop methods of booking. And also, I think that it’s real-life frustrations being blown up and amplified to make a storyline and create drama for the audience. While I have no doubts that Charlotte probably would like to be with her boyfriend, I think that this is 90% work to create a fresh new approach to matches we’ve otherwise already seen a hundred times.

Which ROH wrestlers do you want to see go to AEW?

There are a lot of talented people over at ROH to be sure, but the main names I’d like to see show up in AEW and do their things would be The Briscoe Brothers and Jay Lethal. Those are the big stars of ROH that I think would really fit in well with AEW and be able to make the biggest impact.

Nick Bockwinkle vs Harley Race. Who was the Better wrestler and champion?

This is like comparing a Mercedes to a Cadillac in that these two are and were the best of the best of their era and so damn good. Bockwinkle was the better technical wrestler and so damn smooth in everything he did and said, but Harley was just the definition of a tough, bad-ass dude and was so well respected, he just was the perfect example of everything you’d want a champion to be. So Nick was the better wrestler and Harley was the better champion.

Rumors are that Windham Rotundo (Bray Wyatt) has been talking to Hollywood producers. Would you be interested in seeing Rotundo pursue a career in Hollywood instead of returning to the ring?

How about a little of both with Windham working with one of the major companies, such as AEW or Impact, plus at the same time, working in Hollywood in different roles and establishing himself as the next Batista or Dwayne Johnson? He has the charisma and talent to do both so why not just run with it and be a major star in both industries? Sounds good to me.

What are the odds of seeing the following wrestlers back in WWE? Big Cass, Ryback, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Mr. Kennedy, Darren Young, Damien Sandow, Simon Gotch, Evan Bourne, Enzo Amore, Chavo Guerrero, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Hornswoggle, Tenille Dashwood, Carlito, Big Show, AJ Lee, Vince Russo, JTG, RVD, Melina, Ken Shamrock, Victoria, Rich Swann.

Twenty-five names. Really? Really? Really? I’ll give a brief thought about each name and if I think the WWE and a return to the land of Vince is possibly in their future at some point. Oy vey! Here we go.

Big Cass: Not likely, but if he continues to do well at Impact and keeps himself on the straight and narrow, never say never.

Ryback: I don’t see it happening. He continues to talk way too much crap and no one cares about him anyhow.

CM Punk: Maybe in a few years to get that Hall of Fame induction, but since he’s made his return and is with AEW, I doubt WWE is on his mind very much.

Cody Rhodes: If AEW was to go under, I can easily see Cody back in WWE. He’s been careful not to burn his bridges and he’s a helluva talent. It could happen.

Mr. Kennedy: He’s getting older so the odds are less and less as each day passes.

Darren Young: He’s still relatively young and good talent who has a bright future ahead of him. I can see him eventually coming back.

Damien Sandow: Maybe as a guest appearance in the Royal Rumble at some point, but he seems to have moved on more to an acting career so not very likely.

Simon Gotch: My gut feeling on this one is no. He wasn’t popular in the locker room and wasn’t really over much except when teaming with Aiden English so there wouldn’t be any point.

Evan Bourne: Bourne is currently wrestling for AEW under the name Matt Sydal and while a return to WWE isn’t impossible, both age and two wellness violations from his time with WWE make any kind of return highly unlikely.

Enzo Amore: I think we’ll see Ole Anderson and Vince McMahon having dinner together before Enzo is back in a WWE locker room. His antics where he disrupted a WWE event a couple of years ago probably put the nail in that coffin.

Chavo Guerrero: Chavo is getting older, but never say never so far as Chavito (or any Guerrero) is concerned.

Wade Barrett: Barrett is currently employed by WWE as a color commentator for the NXT brand so no speculation is needed. He’s already back.

Alberto Del Rio: As if his relationship with Paige wasn’t bad enough, the current criminal charges against Del Rio for sexual assault and kidnapping, among other things, pretty much make it certain. Del Rio will NOT be back in the WWE.

Hornswoggle: Swoggle was a member of the WWE roster for over ten years and I think it’s safe to say that Vince and Bruce Prichard still have his phone number available. While I doubt there will ever be another long run with the company, the uniqueness of his character pretty much assures us of many cameos in the years to come.

Tenille Dashwood: I think the former Emma would be welcomed back if the timing and circumstances were right.

Carlito: Carlito made a return at the Royal Rumble last year and wrestled a match the following night on RAW so I don’t think any bridges are burnt here. I think with Carlito, he just wants more money than WWE is willing to give him, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop up every so often. And that, that’s cool!

Big Show: Big Show left WWE since WWE didn’t really have anything for him and from all reports, is still on very good terms with Vince. Once his AEW contract expires, I think we’ll see Show back for a rightful induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and cameos for many years to come.

AJ Lee: If Lee was available and wanted to go to WWE, they’d gladly hire her back in an instant, but the problems between WWE management and Lee’s hubby, as well as injuries, prevent that from happening. So unless Punk and HHH make peace and makeup, I would say that a return to WWE by AJ Lee is a big no.

Vince Russo: No way bro. Just no.

JTG: JTG is one of those that I could see making an appearance at some point for a one-shot deal. I don’t think there is any bad blood between WWE and JTG, but without partner Shad Gaspard, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, I don’t see any real reasons to have him back.

RVD: He was inducted as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. I think his relationship with the company is fine and in good shape. He’s liable to pop up from time to time.

Melina: There was talk not so long ago that Melina was in talks with WWE about a return, but the pandemic struck and she’s since moved on to work for the NWA. She did make some appearances at the WWE Raw Reunion Show a couple of years ago so I think all fences have been mended and as for a return, never say never.

Ken Shamrock: It’s possible, but not very likely. Shamrock is in great show and did a run for Impact Wrestling not long ago, but his age, as well as desire to be a top guy for WWE would probably rub some feathers the wrong way and prevent any kind of significant return.

Victoria: She was part of last year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match so I think she and WWE are on good terms. Unfortunately, age and the fact that she’s not retired would probably prevent any kind of serious return.

Rich Swann: Swann was released under a bad cloud of domestic violence charges, but was cleared of those not long afterward. That’s a hurdle that would have to be cleared, but Swann has been a top guy for Impact Wrestling for a while now and a return to WWE at some point? I wouldn’t say no or count that out by any means.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have then give me a shout, and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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