Wrestling Fact or Fiction: TV Ratings, Orange Cassidy & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
TV Ratings, Orange Cassidy & More
October 30, 2021

Over at 411mania.com, a gentleman by the name of Jake Chambers has a weekly column called 411Wrestling Fact Or Fiction, in which Chambers and others discuss current events and other matters concerning the world that is sports-entertainment/professional wrestling. And then I take each statement, here at my site, and give my own view and opinion. They do the hard work and I just provide some commentary and insight, from a Dougie perspective if you will. It’s Wrestling Fact or Fiction and it all begins right now. Let’s do this.

Statement #1: You care about WWE and AEW’s weekly TV ratings.

FACT: I’m not as big on the ratings and who’s scoring what in each demo as some are, but I like to know that the shows I like to watch are also being enjoyed by others and are not in danger of cancellation. I want WWE to do well and get better. I want AEW to rise in the ratings, get more viewers, and give WWE some valid competition. And I want to be able to enjoy every single bit of it. Ratings do matter and are a good indicator of if a company is doing things well or needs to make changes. So while I’m not a stickler or as nitpicky as some may be, I do like to know how things are going.

Statement #2: A wrestler over 40 is past their prime.

FICTION: It seems as if most wrestlers don’t really hit their peaks until the late ’30s and are really just having their best moments and matches as they approach the big 4-0. I recently talked to a friend of mine who has been wrestling for nearly twenty-five years and he was telling me that it was only in the past few years that it all really seem to come together for him in that ring and as a well-rounded wrestler and performer. He’s just north of the 40 mark and a great example. Over 50 may be pushing it a bit, but hitting 40 is just gearing up for the best time of the career. 

Statement #3: Orange Cassidy would be better off in WWE.

FICTION: WWE would have erased everything that is unique and good about Cassidy and tried to “improve it” with the WWE style and thus, destroyed everything that makes Cassidy special or entertaining, before eventually releasing him. Cassidy is definitely much better off as part of AEW.

Statement #4: During the COVID lockdown era, most of the empty arena TV shows put on by the big companies were lame and uncreative.

FACT: I’ll give them credit for improvising and trying, but the absence of a live crowd absolutely hurt the WWE television product and the empty arena shows, while having a few brief moments of creativity, were more just filler and going through the motions than anything fresh, original, or exciting. They dealt with it as best they could so the wrestling companies that continued to air new content and new shows, an “A” for effort, but the shows were lacking and we all know it.

Statement #5: Heel turns are better than face turns.

FICTION: Both heel and face turns have been so overdone, for so many meaningless reasons, and repeatedly by the same characters, they don’t matter much anymore. The characters are so unbelievable and cookie-cutter these days that heel or face, it doesn’t really matter and if they change, so what? If it has meaning, a good build and story to go with the turn, and a pay-off that matters, then wrestlers jumping to the other side can be good, but when is any of that even applicable anymore? It’s not.

And there you go. Again, thanks to Jake Chambers for the questions, to 411mania.com/wrestling for supplying the format, and to everyone who has taken a few minutes from their busy lives to read this and help support this site and my writing. I do it all for you (and to keep my sanity, what little of it that’s left), left. Until the next time, take care and stay safe, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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