Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Ascension, Ric Flair, Disney Princesses & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Ascension, Ric Flair, Disney Princesses & More
November 18, 2021

And so it begins anew. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it all starts right now. Let’s do this.

How would you feel about Victor & Konor showing up in AEW?

As a surprise, with no leaks, just showing up and kicking some ass. I’d love to see it happen. Victor and Kono definitely got a raw deal when they moved to the main roster in WWE and that sucked big time. In NXT, under the watchful eyes of Triple H, they were a top team and able to show what they were capable of doing. And then immediately with their “promotion” to the main roster, they were buried and used as comedy and jobbers afterward. So an appearance in AEW to show what they can do if used correctly? I’d love to see it happen.

Who are the top 3 people you’d like to see Hangman face?

Right off the top of my head, I’ll go with CM Punk, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevera.

Do you think AEW will eventually be bringing in Ric Flair to be with Andrade?

Ric is a loose cannon and if I was AEW, I’d stay as far away from the Nature Boy as possible, but as the dark cloud of the Plane Ride From Hell seems to be fading away, I could see AEW bringing Flair in, if only so Tony Khan can have three of the original Four Horsemen on his roster. Yeah, before all is said and done, it will probably happen.

Baron Von Raschke as the new leader of the Dark Order. Yes or no?

That would be cool except for one thing. The Baron is 81 years old and while AEW has several “elder statesmen” on the payroll working as managers, trainers, etc, I don’t think the Baron would be interested in getting on the road again and working a full-time schedule. Just let the Clawmaster keep making cameos whenever AEW is in the Minneapolis area and leave it at that. The Dark Order is fine as it is right now.

Who is the first wrestler that comes to mind when you hear the words “World Championship Wrestling”?

Disco Inferno. Nah, just kidding. The first thing that comes to mind for men when I think WCW is The FourHorsemen and the nWo.

Which Disney Princess would win a Disney Princess Royal Rumble and why?

Probably Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She would win because the only way to be eliminated from a Royal Rumble match is to go over the top and have both feet hit the floor, but she’s a freaking mermaid. She has a fishtail and no feet, thus she can not be eliminated. And besides, I like her better than the other Disney chicks. So there you go.

Do you see a future with Tony Khan and Vince coming together to combine the companies, with Tony in charge?

I could see WWE and AEW working together on a charity-type event at some point, but combining the companies? Unless one company buys out the other, that isn’t going to happen. And Vince stepping back to let Tony be in charge? That’s definitely not going to happen. Vince is way too much an Alpha Male to ever say, “You’re the boss Pal!”, and mean it.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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