Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Ric Flair, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Ric Flair, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & More
November 23, 2021

Are you ready to do that Ultimate Wrestling Q&A thing? I am and it all starts right now. Let’s do this.

Ric Flair has allegedly reached out to AEW and says that if they want a rating, put him on the air with CM Punk. Thoughts?

Ric right now is just throwing anything and everything out there from the claim that WWE is erasing his career and won’t give him back his title belts, to comments about Becky Lynch, and now this. While Flair showing up on AEW Dynamite would no doubt pop a rating for AEW, all I can think about is when CM Punk and Kevin Nash had their ill-fated confrontation on RAW so many years ago and what a total bomb that was. Punk made Nash look like an absolute tool, and I think that a segment with Flair would go the same way. Ric is so desperate for attention that on live TV, and Flair most likely going into business for himself, it’s just a big disaster waiting to happen. If AEW is smart, this is one offer they’ll pass on.

Thoughts on the Jay Lethal debut in AEW?

A good promo at the pay-per-view and then a damn good match with Sammy Guevera headlining AEW Rampage. I’d say so far, so good. Lethal isn’t coming in as the top guy, but he immediately made an impact and cemented a spot near the top of a large AEW roster. I think, for Lethal, it was a great way to get his AEW career started.

Fatal 4-Way Match: WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns versus AEW Champion Hangman Adam Page versus Impact Wrestling Champion Moose versus WWE Champion Big E. Who wins?

Nothing against Page, Moose, or Big E, but when I look at this match, the only name that says Champion and Top Star to me is Roman Reigns. The others are all good performers, but they’re not presented as “the man” and thus, don’t seem so to me. Roman would win.

Was Jeff Jarrett’s guitar gimmick a knockoff of Honky Tonk Man? Thoughts.

A rip-off? I wouldn’t go that far, but I think that saying it was a variation and different twist of a great character with many similarities, but totally different at the same time.

The Midnight Express had various incarnations. Which pairing was your favorite?

Well, we had Condrey & Rose, Condrey & Eaton, Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton, and of course, Bart Gunn & Bob Holly. I think there was another, but I don’t feel like looking it up when the answer is already so easy. For me, the Midnight Express IS Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane, with Jim Cornette in their corner. The rest, while great teams and legends in their own right, just don’t quite compare.

Does AEW have a “face” of the company? Or is it kind of like ECW was back in the day where the company itself is the star?

When I think of AEW, I think of Cody & MJF. They’re the first names that come to mind. Some may say the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, but those particular talents have never done much for me personally. I don’t think AEW has a particular designated face of the company, but instead has many faces that a fan can look at, and designate as their favorite. For some, it may be Darby or Sting. For some, it’s Bryan Danielson or CM Punk. It’s all about perception and that changes in the eyes of different people.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the Blue Oyster Club. Let’s tango.


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