Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Mt. Rushmore of WWE, Big Swole, Fantasy Matches & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Mt. Rushmore of WWE, Big Swole, Fantasy Matches & More
December 1, 2021

And here we sit, waiting on a Nurse, some guys to finish my ramp and a phone call. Damn, I hate waiting. But there is something you never have to wait on and that’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. It starts right now.

Undertaker named his “Mount Rushmore” for WWE. Taker listed Shawn Michaels, Andre The Giant, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and Stone Cold Steve Austin as his choices. Do you agree?

It’s the Undertaker we’re talking about here and I can’t argue with any of his selections. I think I’d try to find room for two more though who are equally as important to WWE as the four men he mentioned are. And those two are Vince McMahon and The Undertaker. And then finally, the Mt. Rushmore for WWE would finally be complete.

What was your favorite indie wrestling storyline/feud/angle of 2021?

Hell, most of this year has been a blur so it’s hard to remember even what the stories have been for WWE and AEW. That being said, I’ll pick two that do stand out for me. Sammy Love left his alliance with The Fallen Artist in APW to join the group Hated World Wide. And the issues between Fuego Del Sol and Q.T. Marshall as part of the Sammy Guevera VLOG. That one kept my interest as well. So those are my favorites among many.

11 Match Card: Assuming all past and present wrestlers are in their prime.

I don’t mind doing the occasional fantasy booking question, but damn eleven matches? Oh well, I’m game. Let’s do this.

Bret v Kurt v Styles v Perfect v Guerrero v Benoit (6 Pack Challenge)

A Vanilla Midget brawl for all to be sure. Anyone could win here and it wouldn’t be an upset, but I’ll go with AJ Styles on this one.

Pillman v Moxley (Street Fight)

Moxley is crazy sometimes, but Pillman was the original “Loose Cannon”. And he was also a Horseman. Pillman wins.

Legion of Doom v Dudleys

This could be a really good match or absolutely blow chunks. It’s hard to tell. I’d have to go with Animal and Hawk on this one.

Mankind v Cactus Jack v Dude Love (Hell in a Cell)

Bang Bang. Cactus Jack all the way here.

The Brood v The Wyatt Family v The Ministry (Bradshaw/Farooq/Viscera)

A tough call because these are three kick-ass factions. The Brood was great but had a weak spot with Gangrel. The Ministry is devastating, but Viscera just seemed like an odd fit and hard to believe as big as he was the weak link. I have to go with Bray, Harper, and Rowan for this one. The Wyatt Family wins.

Edge/Christian v Young Bucks v The Hardy Boys (TLC)

Well, it wouldn’t be the Young Bucks to be sure. I’m a certified Peep so gotta go with E&C on this one.

Vader v Brock Lesnar

As much love as I have for Vader, and he would give a damn good fight, I’d have to put my money on Brock for this one.

Chyna v Beth Phoenix

Chyna is kick-ass and was a groundbreaker for the WWE and wrestling, but Beth Phoenix is a better wrestler, better athlete, and I would have her win this one.

Bam Bam Bigelow v Braun Strowman

Braun may be the Beast among Men, but Bam Bam shares a name with one of my favorite characters from the Flintstones and has the better tattoos. Bigelow wins.

Yokozuna v Mark Henry

Yokozuna was a truly unique character in WWE and is a true legend in every sense of the word, but in this match, against the World’s Strongest Man, Yoko would be a new resident of the House of Pain. MarkHenry wins.

Dean Malenko & Owen Hart v Brian Danielson & Kenny Omega

A classic match for the ages where more moves would be exchanged in the first ten minutes than in Hulk Hogan’s entire wrestling career. A very tough call, but I think I’d go with Malenko and Owen here. I just don’t like Omega.

Do you think Nia Jax is really through with wrestling?

I think that for now, Nia Jax will be doing other things and trying to pursue a career outside of pro wrestling, perhaps going back to modeling and attempting acting roles, but when that promoter calls with a nice enough payday and offer, we’ll see Nia Jax back in the ring at some point. Despite her issues, Jax was too big a name with WWE for too long to walk away for good.

Adrian Adonis, versus Goldust versus Kwee Wee versus Adrian Street versus Rico in a Mr. Ass On A Pole Match. Who wins?

The funny thing here is that every single one of these wrestlers, despite the characters that they played, was straight. All great wrestlers here though and this, with all the shenanigans that would be taking place, would be a fun match to see. And my pick for the winner? Adrian Adonis.

Big Swole is gone from AEW. Thoughts?

Who? Just kidding, but to be honest, except for a great physique, she really never did impress me much. Her in-ring skills were limited and she didn’t seem to be getting any better as time went on. Maybe she’ll find her way and get better in that ring and on the mic and return someday as a top star and good worker. We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, it’s no big loss for AEW.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have, use the comment box or else give me a shout. Let’s talk, my friends. And with that, take care of yourself and stay good. Watch out for the foreign objects and crazy fans coming over the rail. I’ll see you at the matches.


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