Soundtrack Survey…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Soundtrack Survey
December 9, 2021

I was trying to find something a little different to do today and guess what I found? A “Soundtrack Survey” where the person doing the survey goes to their music jukebox on their computer and uses the random shuffle to provide a song for each of the life moments listed below. It’s random, it’s fun, and hopefully, it’ll be entertaining for you, my loyal readers, as well. So with all of that said and in mind, let’s do this.

Soundtrack Survey

Put your playlist on shuffle and have fun…

1. Opening Credits: That’s How They Do It In Dixie – Hank Williams Jr.

2. Waking Up Scene: American Pie – Don McLean

3. Car Driving Scene: Out Of The Rain – Jessi Colter

4. High School Flashback Scene: A Little Bit More – Dr. Hook

5. Nostalgic Scene: God, We Need You Now – Struggle Jennings & Caitlynne Curtis

6. Bitter, Angry Scene: Some Folks – Alice Cooper

7. Break-up Scene: Wild & Lonesome: Shooter Jennings

8. Regret Scene: Stay – Sugarland

9. Nightclub/Bar Scene: Stop Dragging My Heart Around – Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty

10. Fight/Action Scene: Bar Room Buddies – Merle Haggard & Clint Eastwood

11. Lawn Mowing Scene: The Sound Of Silence – Disturbed

12. Sad, breakdown scene: Poison – Alice Cooper

13. Death Scene: The Ballroom Blitz – Sweet

14. Funeral Scene: Mixed Emotions – Rolling Stones

15. Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: Creep – Jelly Roll & Viking Barbie

16. Dreaming About Someone Scene: Respect – Aretha Franklin

17. Sex Scene: All Summer Long – Kid Rock w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd

18. Contemplation Scene: Jolene – Dolly Parton

19. Chase Scene: How Blue Can You Get – The Louisiana Gator Boys

20. Happy Love Scene: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – George Michael w/ Elton John

21. Happy Friend Scene: The Canyon – Jessi Colter

22. Closing Credits: Drift Away – Dobie Gray

So that’s the soundtrack, taken randomly off my computer music jukebox. If that’s the soundtrack, it’ll make for one hell of a movie, don’t you think. Let me know what you think. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome. And I guess that’s all for now. I’ll see you on the flip side. Stay safe and be good.


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