Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Cody, Penelope Ford, Lita & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Cody, Penelope Ford, Lita & More
December 10, 2021

Let’s talk some wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it all starts right now.

Why do people hate Cody?

I’m guessing because he doesn’t come across as real or sincere. He seems to me anyhow to be a man reading a script and acting in a role. I’m not doubting his love for the business or ability, but compared to the other talents in AEW, he just seems to be more phoning it in than anything else. I may be wrong, but the reaction of the fans is all about perception and that’s what I perceive when I look at Cody.

Hulk Hogan or Dusty Rhodes? Who had the bigger ego? And who would win if these two men fight?

The bigger ego? Hogan. Dusty would at least put people over if it was the best thing for the company and business. As for a match, I think Hogan would win. Hulk doesn’t do the J-O-B brother.

Who were the wrestlers that scared you the most as a kid?

As a kid, Brute Benard had me crying at a live event one time. True, I was only five years old, but still…

Do you think Penelope Ford has the potential to be AEW Women’s Champion in the future?

To be honest, no, I do not. Ford is okay on the mic and passable in the ring, but she’s not on the level of a Britt Baker or Mickie James or any of the WWE women when it comes to in-ring ability and matches. She’s like the Lana of AEW, but not quite as charismatic. She could get better and eventually surprise everyone, but at her current level of wrestling skills, I don’t see any kind of gold in her immediate future.

Can you create a wrestling faction using a wrestler with each letter of your first name?

D – Daivari. O – One Man Gang. U – Umaga. G – Goldust. L – Larry Zbyszko. A – Alex Riley. S – Sammy Guevera. And they would call us, Infamous!

Where does Lita rank in terms of top women wrestlers in WWE history?

I think Lita would actually rank rather high, not for her in-ring talents, but for the legacy, she leaves behind. Lita was competent on the mic and a good worker for that era of Women’s wrestling. She was a top star for the WWE and created memorable moments both wrestling against Trish and in stories with Edge, The Hardys, Snitsky, and Heath Slater for example. She was one of the most recognizable women of WWE in her era and definitely made an impact in more ways than one.

I saw a rumor somewhere that the MCU was going to cast Paul Wight, aka The Big Show, as the Kingpin Of Crime. Thoughts?

While Paul has the physical characteristics to play the role of Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin of Crime, he is not the right person for that role, be it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or anywhere else. That role belongs to Vincent D’Onofrio. If Paul Wight wants a job in the MCU, I would suggest perhaps Rhino or maybe Vandal Savage in the DECU movies. But as the Kingpin? No, I don’t think so.

Fantasy booking time. Let’s say you’re starting up a promotion and you have ten draft picks. Who would you take from any current roster or free agent? The only catch is at least two of your ten picks must be female wrestlers.

Ten draft picks to start my own promotion and at least two must be female. Okay, I would hire from AEW MJF, FTR, and Sammy Guevera. From WWE, I’d try to snag Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. From the free-agent scene, I’d want Windham Rotundo & Buddy Murphy. And for my women, I’d definitely go after Carmella & Asuka.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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