Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Hurricane, HBK, The Forbidden Door & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Hurricane, HBK, The Forbidden Door & More
January 8, 2022

Welcome friends to the second edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A, post number 2502. I’m trying to play catch-up as the world of pro wrestling is currently going crazy and I was slammed with a ton of questions this week and don’t want to fall behind. So let’s get to getting it done. Let’s do this.

Do you think there’s any truth to the rumors that mild-mannered reporter Shane Helms is actually the Hurricane?

I have to admit that I’ve never seen the two of them together, but my sources say that the man behind the Hurricane mask is not Shane Helms, but actually The Great Khali. But then again, my sources are usually drunk so what do they know?

Why did they release William Regal and will he go elsewhere now?

As for the why the only reason I can see is that he was a definite Triple H loyalist and the current powers that be seem determined to wipe away any of HHH’s influence with that brand. Also, as a long time employee, Regal was probably making very good money with his role and job in the WWE and since they’re constantly trying to cut expenses, get rid of the old guys who make too much and replace them with new folks who only cost half as much to do the same job. It’s a common business tactic and I’m thinking that might be a part of the reason for his dismissal as well as his loyalty to HHH. Regardless of why it sucks big time. Regal won’t have any trouble getting a job with AEW, Impact Wrestling, or hell, even hooking up with Conrad Thompson and doing a podcast. I’d love to hear his stories and opinions on wrestling. Whatever he does next, I wish him the very best and I know he’ll do well. It just sucks that he has to.

What do you think is the most offensive stereotypical WWE character? I would say Kerwin White or Eugene.

Both characters you mentioned were bad, but so many others come to mind. How about Cryme Time in the WWE? Norman the Lunatic and Dave Sullivan in WCW? Shaska Whatley or the tag team of the Jive Tones (Tiger Conway Jr. & Whatley)? We can’t forget the Nazis like Baron Von Raschke, Fritz VOn Erich, Kurt Von Hess, etc. And the most offensive? Remember when Snitsky punted a baby into the crowd? In all fairness, it wasn’t his fault, but damn, that was just messed up. I just remembered one more. Does anyone remember Burrhead Jones? He was a jobber guy in Crockett in the late ’70s. Just look at the name, Burrhead. Enough said.

Does HBK walk away from NXT now?

I’m sure that Shawn Michaels probably feels conflicted in his job at NXT, caught between his loyalty to HHH, his best friend, and Vince McMahon, with who he’s had a strong relationship for nearly thirty years. It’s got to be weird for him, but I think he’s probably the one person who doesn’t have to worry about that phone call from Talent Relations. He’ll probably stick around and tough it out to keep HHH’s dream alive and make sure that the young talents get some of his input. If anything ever happens to Vince, HBK will probably be gone rather quickly, but for the here and now, I think he’s going to stay with NXT for a while to come.

Can wrestling sustain long-term storytelling for the next decade or will people get bored and want quick, fast-paced stories that end within a monthly cycle?

If the story is worth waiting for and has the fans excited, such as the Brock/Roman/Heyman story in WWE, or the CM Punk/MJF stuff in AEW, fans will wait and come along for the ride in antici… pation. But for the average wrestlers and talent, fans get bored easily and are ready to move on. If the stuff is good, the fans will wait and yes, wrestling can sustain that with the right talents. Otherwise, it’s confrontation, two matches, and then move on.

Thoughts and comments on the most recent batches of WWE releases including Road Dogg, Scott Armstrong, Ryan Katz, Gabe Sapolsky, Allison Danger, Timothy Thatcher, Danny Burke, Ace Steele, Hideki Suzuki, and several others.

I think someone slipped some crack in Vince McMahon’s protein shake and he’s finally flipped his lid and gone insane. So many names and talents, both in the ring and backstage, and it’s a shame to see them all on the market as free agents. AEW is crowded and bloated right now, but if they get the chance to snatch up Regal, Road Dogg, Scott Armstrong, and Timothy Thatcher, they should do so as quickly as possible. It seems as if WWE is trying to totally destroy the legacy of the original NXT, the house that Triple H built, and any of “his guys” are getting sacked. It’s short-sighted and petty business and probably something that, so long as Nick Khan is in one of the bosses, we’d better get used to it.

Do you think Samoa Joe is AEW material?

Five or even two years ago, I would have said yes, but time has taken its toll and I honestly don’t think that he has another big run left in him. A few big matches here and there, absolutely, but a top spot on an otherwise already bloated roster, I don’t see that happening. I’m sorry, but I just don’t.

It looks as if WWE is opening the “Forbidden Door” by having Mickie James as part of the Women’s Royal Rumble. Do you think this will lead to more crossovers with WWE and Impact wrestlers and what Impact stars would you like to see show up and work WWE events?

I think WWE is trying to make amends with Mickie for the way she was treated in her last run with the company and just that she happens to be the Knockout’s Champion is icing on the cake. She’s popular with the WWE Universe and this will get WWE some good publicity and get people to talking, which it obviously has, so it’s a win-win for both Mickie and WWE. Will it lead to more? Maybe so, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it. As for what Impact stars I’d like to see show up on WWE shows, I think both Matt Cardona and Heath have unfinished business in WWE so those two would be my first picks.

If WWE has truly decided to open the Forbidden Door, do you think they’ll be open to working with ROH, New Japan, The NWA, and AEW as well as Impact Wrestling?

The way they’re sizing down their rosters of talent, they may not have any choice in the matter and end up having to rely on outside talent to fill talent spots at shows and help pad their depleted roster as needed. As for who, while I can see working with NJPW, Impact, and maybe even the NWA for some shows and crossovers, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any AEW talent switches with WWE anytime soon. Change that. If WWE decides to offer an olive branch to William Regal with an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, I can see AEW, if that’s where he ends up working, allowing that to happen, much like they did with Billy Gunn when he was inducted with DX, but aside from a situation like that, a WWE/AEW crossover is not going to happen. For the rest of the companies though, anything is possible.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Take care and be safe and I’ll see you on the next to go round. Have a great one.


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