Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: William Regal, Jurassic Express, Wardlow & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
William Regal, Jurassic Express, Wardlow & More
January 8, 2022

This is the first of two editions of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I’m playing catch-up and I have so many questions to take care of, it’s not even funny. So today, two for one. All together kids, “Yay!”. And by the way, this is my 2501rst post for the site. Yeah, I think we may just be sticking around for a while. Who would have thought it, right? Enough with the braggadocio. Let’s talk wrestling. Let’s do this.

What’s next for Bryan Danielson?

After the loss to Adam Page a few days ago, I think we’ll see Bryan stay near the top of the AEW roster with some interaction with Page, but probably geared more towards some other top guy. I’d love to see him work against Cody or maybe even go after the TNT Championship and whoever the champ is, be it Cody, Sammy, or someone else. Danielson isn’t going anywhere though and we should expect to see him and some good matches as he finds his next program.

In what world was getting rid of William Regal a good idea? How long can WWE keep releasing talent while turning over record profits?

Getting rid of Regal was a big surprise and will definitely change things in NXT for the WWE. Regal not only was an on-screen character, but also worked as a talent scout, a trainer, and tutored many of the NXT stars. Good idea? In my opinion, not at all. As for how long WWE can keep releasing talents, I have no idea, but I don’t think they can do it for too much longer. They’re having to depend on legends and surprises to do the Rumble matches and work the dark matches because of a lack of depth in their roster, a problem of their own making. Something needs to change and hopefully, someone will realize that before it’s too late.

Between WALTER & Bron Breakker, who would you have beat Roman Reigns for the Universal title and why?

Of the two, my pick would be WALTER. As for why he’s the experienced guy and I think he would match up better against Roman and be able to pull off a better match. Breakker is damn good, but still new. As good as he is now, he still needs to get experience and better to do that on NXT than in the spotlight as a top guy going after Roman and his title.

When do you think Wardlow will finally turn on MJF?

When the time is right and it makes the most sense. I’m thinking about another month or so to let the MJF feud with Punk run its course and then MJF can transition into a feud with Wardlow, with MJF trying to shift the blame of his issues with Punk to Wardlow and Wardlow finally snapping and having enough.

What should happen next with Veer Mahaan? Personally, I think he should just turn up on Smackdown.

I’ve seen the coming soon vignettes, but I’m still not sure who or what Seer Mahaan is supposed to be. I think he’ll finally show up at the Rumble and have a moment there although as you suggested, showing up on Smackdown would be funny.

What woman in WWE’s roster do you think would do better in AEW’s women’s division? Who matches AEW’s match style better?

I think Dana Brooke would work better in AEW, as would Zelina Vega. And Asuka would do extremely well in an AEW ring. I’d love to see her against Britt Baker or even the Impact Knockout Champion Mickie James. That would be amazing to see.

Do you think the outcome of the Lucha Bros and Jurassic express was changed on the fly due to the injury to Fenix?

I think the plan was from the start to put Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy over and give them the titles, but I think the match was also cut short a bit after Fenix’s injury and they went straight to the finish instead of continuing for any longer. The outcome was as it was supposed to be, but just sooner than originally intended.

It looks as if AEW has scrapped the name Jurassic Express from Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, now just referring to them by their names. And also, it’s beginning to look like Marko Stunt’s AEW contract won’t be renewed. Is AEW breaking up the team?

I don’t get it much about the name change, but I think the plan is to put more emphasis on Jack Perry, aka Jungle Boy, and work him into a push as a singles star at some point in the near future. He’s definitely being groomed as a future top guy for the company. As for Marko, he really doesn’t bring much to the table so far as being part of the Jurassic Express goes. I love seeing him on Sammy Guevera’s VLOG and he’s a cool dude, but wrestling-wise, he’s just kind of more of a distraction than anything else and I can understand if AEW eventually lets him go.

Jamie Hayter is underrated. By far one of the best women wrestlers on AEW. I’ll predict this now. She will be the next AEW women’s champion! She will betray Britt DMD. Any thoughts?

A feud between Baker and Hayter is definitely being teased and will happen sooner rather than later, probably after Baker and Riho finish up. If Baker wins against Riho, she can be obnoxious and demean Hayter until Hayter snaps. If Baker loses, she can pass the blame on to Hayter for the loss and set her off that way. As I said, this definitely has to happen and when it does, it is going to rock!

And with that, I’m through here for now. I’ll be back later with another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A, as well as lots more other stuff too. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, give me a shout and we can talk. Thank you for reading. Now, I’m gone and I’ll see you at the matches. Take care.


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