Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Seth Rollins, Paige, The Forbidden Door & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Seth Rollins, Paige, The Forbidden Door & More
January 23, 2022

It is 21 degrees outside. What the hell? This is North Carolina. I’ll probably need to turn on the A/C tonight. sighs Let’s do another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

In your opinion, after the Edge & Seth Rollins feud, do you think Rollins has “leveled up” as a mega star similar to Randy Ortin after his feud with The Undertaker?

Do I feel that Seth Rollins is a made man in WWE, a top guy that can be inserted almost anywhere as either a face or heel, and be counted on to have good matches and promos and be over with the fans? Yes, yes I do.

Who is that one wrestler you love but most people are unaware of him?

A local tag team that has rocked the NC Indy scene for many years, both as solo performers and together, Mr. Brad Branson, aka The Monster, and Mr. Derk Douglas, aka The Fallen Artist. Unfortunately, Mr. Artist has retired from active in-ring matches as of now due to lingering injuries and I’m not sure what Mr. Monster’s current status is, but it’s BD Productions. They’re on YouTube so check them out. As for more current talent, the current ACW Champion Sammy Love. This second-generation young man is so young and yet so good already, he has a big future ahead of him if he so chooses. I know the question said one, but these three are great guys, so creative and smart, I have to do a three-for-one answer. And there you go.

Out of The Mysterios & RK-BRO, Which team do you see breaking up soon and could be more beneficial and interesting storyline-wise?

I think we’ll see the Mysterio father-and-son duo break up sometime after the Royal Rumble match. RK-Bro lost the RAW Tag Team Championship titles this past week on RAW so I doubt their future together is very bright either. As for which one has my interest more, I think the Mysterio family issues will make for a better story in the big picture of things.

With Mickie James entering the women’s Royal Rumble, who would you like to see open the forbidden door for the men’s Rumble? Both likely and fantasy.

Who would I like to see in the Men’s Royal Rumble? How about MJF entering the Rumble match, only to eliminate himself as he’s chased out of the ring and match by CM Punk, thus giving us two AEW stars, a continuation of their storyline in AEW, and a moment that would blow up the Internet. How about an appearance by the Disco Inferno, who can get on the mic, proclaim that everyone is only there to see him dance, and start dancing, only to be eliminated by whoever is in the ring at the time. I honestly don’t think we’ll see either of those scenarios, but more likely, how about Chris Masters, NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch, former NWA Champion Nick Aldis, Matt Cardona, and Heath? Any of those men in the Rumble would be a cool moment in my eyes.

We’ve seen a couple of mixed-gender tag team matches lately in both WWE and AEW. What is your favorite mixed-gender TT match of all time, if you have one.

I can’t really think of any Mixed Tag Team matches that stand out and come to mind immediately. Oh yeah, now I can. The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette versus The Rock & Roll Express and Baby Doll. Not a traditional mixed tag, but Baby Doll versus Cornette was always good to watch. And how about Miz & Asuka as a tag team in the WWE Mixed-Match series. They were, dare I say it, AWESOME!

How much of a possibility is it for Paige to make an in-ring return at the Rumble?

Only Paige and her doctors know for sure, but if she was to make an in-ring return, I would think the Rumble would be a great place to do it. Not nearly as stressful or physically demanding as a regular one-on-one match and the way to be eliminated is out over the top rope, so less bumps to take if done properly. I guess we’ll know on Sunday.

Who is your Mt. Rushmore of WCW wrestlers that never won the big gold belt?

WCW wrestlers that were never the WCW World Champion? Arn Anderson is a must, as would be Ole Anderson. Magnum TA is my third guy and we’ll round it out with Nikita Koloff.

Does Moxley automatically go back into the title picture vs Page or could he do something else? Tag champ w/ Kingston, feud with…Cody?

Eddie Kingston is currently out of action and Page seems to be having problems with Lance Archer so I’d expect we’ll see Moxley going in a different direction for now. A feud with Cody could be cool, but I expect Cody versus Sammy for a while first. How about Moxley versus Bryan Danielson? He wasn’t out there clapping for Mox’s return for no reason. I think that’s the direction AEW will probably go for first.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have, about wrestling or anything at all, please just give me a shout. Until the next time, stay warm, stay good, and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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