A Day of Dougie: Black Cats, Ice Princess & Heliopolis…

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day of Dougie:
Black Cats, Ice Princess & Heliopolis
January 26, 2022

Good morning again and welcome to another Day of Dougie. Yes, I know that I’ve already written one edition this morning, but I don’t like how it turned out. It was all just depressing and woe is me about the medical stuff and, damn it all, I want a do-over. And now that I’ve gotten a shower, eaten a Burrito, and written a wrestling Q&A, I’m feeling a little more positive. Maybe it was the R-Truth video that did it? Maybe it’s the sounds of Dr. Hook currently playing on my computer? Who knows for sure, but let’s try this again. So blah, blah, blah, Day of Dougie, blah, blah! Let’s get the Magic Bag and find three topics for discussion.

And the topics of discussion for today will be Black Cats, Ice Princess, and Heliopolis. And now that we know what I’m going to bullshit, I mean talk about, let’s can the chit chat and get ready. So without any more delays, let’s do this.

Black Cats

So, black cats? They’re cats and they’re black. What else is there to say? They get a bad reputation due to superstitions about crossing the path causing bad luck, and supposedly being evil and servants of the devil. Well, anyone that has ever had a cat can tell you, they’re not the servants of anyone or anything. A cat, regardless of the color, expects you to serve them, no exceptions. And believe me, I know of what I speak. I’ve had many cats over the years and three were black. One, Spooky, I had for eleven years. He was originally my brother’s cat and he ended up here and the rest was, as they say, history.

And there was Stinky. His actual name was Grasshopper, but a friend of mine called him Stinky, and well, the name stuck. I got him again from my brother, who had decided that since I was living alone, I needed a cat. He and his then-girlfriend, who he claims was a witch, stole a newborn kitten off of someone’s porch and brought him to me. He was too small to be away from Mama yet so I became his Mama, or Cat Daddy if you will. Bottle feeding and raising him from a tiny ball of fur to a beautiful black beast of attitude. I had him for 19 years. That was my baby!

And then, we had Goldy. She wasn’t solid black as Stinky and Spooky had been, but instead had some gold patches in her fur and some spooky gold rings around her eyes. A woman I was friends with decided that, not long after Stinky had passed away, I needed a cat and brought Goldy to me. She was only with me for about five or so years, but damn, that was a good girl.

And now I have Mouthie, and after my brother passed away last January, Storm and Sparky. Sparky is a dog, but he thinks he’s a cat so it’ll all well and good. And none of them are black, but they’re all cool and pretty damn awesome.

But anyhow, back to Black Cats. They’re awesome, have great personalities, can be assholes sometimes, but they still rock, and I would love to at some point, have another. Not right now because three fur-baby toddlers underfoot and fighting for attention is more than enough, but maybe one day. And there you go. Let’s move on.

Ice Princess

How did this get into the Bag? The only thing that comes to mind for Ice Princess is from General Hospital back in the early ’80s. It was during the famous Luke & Laura episodes and the story was if I recall correctly, Luke Laura, Robert Scorpio, and Holly was out to find the Ice Princess and stop Helena Cassidine, portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, from doing some crazy shit and freezing the world. I only remember bits and pieces, but then again, that was forty years ago. The fact that I can even remember this much from that long ago when I was 14-15 years old, is amazing in itself. But I think that’s what Ice Princess is supposed to be. Or it could be the chick from Frozen who keeps wanting to build a snowman and let it snow, etc. I prefer the General Hospital/Liz Taylor scenario myself. Let’s move on and wrap this up.


If I was wondering how Ice Princess made it into the bag, I’m sure as hell mystified how this one ended up there. I must have been very drunk or bored. Heliopolis is if I recall correctly, from Egyptian mythology and is also known as the City of the Sun. It’s where Ra & Atum, two major Egyptian mythical gods were said to live. It’s a real city now in Egypt, but back in the B.C. days, it would be to the Egyptians as Olympus was to the Greeks, and Asgard was to the Norse. So picture a mythical city of gold and legend, located in an interdimensional realm just above or in sync with the earthly city that shares the same name, and all the ancient Egyptian deities hanging around. It’s probably a cool place to visit. And I just remembered how it made it into the bag. I was working on a fan-fiction story with The Mighty Isis. I need to get back to that someday and write it up. I’ve got a great story on my computer outlined with Isis, Jaime Somers from the Bionic Woman, and the world of the Avengers and Dark Shadows in my Avenging Shadows Universe, sitting and waiting for me to come finish. Maybe one day. So that’s where that came from. The more you know.

Since I brought it up, if you get bored one day and want to read some fan fiction stories about The Avengers, Dark Shadows, WKRP In Cincinnati, Wrestling, or lots of other stuff, go check out FanFiction.net and look up my name (Doug Maynard) or my author name (TSFiction19) and see what I’ve got posted. Lots of stuff and more to come soon. Or just use this link here.


And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you may have, please feel free to give me a shout, and let’s talk about it. Until the next time, take care and be safe, my friends. I’ll see you on the next go-round.


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