Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Edge, Shane McMahon, AEW & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

Edge, Shane McMahon, AEW & More
February 1, 2022

Are you ready to talk pro wrestling? It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it all starts now.

Who should be Edge’s opponent for Wrestlemania 38?

From what I keep hearing, AJ Styles wants to wrestle the Rated R Superstar and if that’s the case, then so be it. AJ versus Edge would be a great match.

Is Shane McMahon making the WWE product worse? I hear he is booked for Elimination Chamber and possibly Wrestlemania. His Rumble appearance was not good either, and other wrestlers are far more deserving of his spot, especially with part-time winners.

Shane, while tolerable a few years ago, has very little left to offer the WWE product at this point, at least in my opinion. If Shane is used as a McMahon, an authority figure, that wouldn’t be so bad, but he doesn’t belong in that ring taking spots from other full-time, more deserving talents. If he actually added to the quality of the WWE product, things would be different, but I don’t see that happening and wherever he’s been for the past year, I wish he’d go back there.

If you could choose 6 superstars to compete in the Elimination Chamber for a #1 contenders match vs Lashley at Wrestlemania, who would you choose?

Well, WWE did that earlier tonight on RAW and they picked Matt Riddle, AJ Styles, Austin Theory, Seth Rollins, and Brock Lesnar. Looking at the RAW roster, I think they did well and made the right choices. I wouldn’t change any of these.

Which team would benefit more if they split? The Mysterios or RK-BRO?

I think a break between Riddle and Randy Orton is coming soon to set up a program for Wrestlemania, but I actually think the Mysterios would be better served from a split. Dominick needs to get out of his father’s shadow in order to become a more well-rounded talent and I’d personally love to see him do a heel turn, maybe taking a manager like MVP or even a returning JBL, so he can advance to the next level. I think that split would work far better in the overall scheme of things than breaking up Randy and Riddle.

Who do you think will take the title away from Hangman and when? Who takes the title off of Britt Baker and when? Next tag champs for AEW?

So far as who, I think Bryan Danielson would be the best to take the belt off of Hangman Adam Page. For Dr. Britt Baker, I think Ruby Soho will be the one. And so far as who takes the gold away from Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, I’ll go with FTR. As for when it happens, on that, I have no answer.

Seeing legends and part-timers is nice, but they accounted for nearly half of the Women’s Rumble. Will WWE wake up and build the Women’s roster back up?

They really do need to do just that. For the past few years, WWE’s strongest selling point was their Women’s Division, but roster cuts and injuries have really taken their toll and it’s just a shadow now of what it once was. Hopefully, Asuka and Bayley will be returning soon from injuries, and with the addition of Ronda Rousey, plus possible returns by Sarah Logan & The Bellas, things can pick back up again. One can only hope.

Do you think AEW will do their own version of the Royal Rumble? The Twitterverse and interwebs seem to think Tony Khan would put on a better rumble than the one we just saw. What are your thoughts?

AEW has their own Casino Battle Royal, which is unique and truly their own so they don’t need to do a version of the Royal Rumble match. And based on the Rumble matches that took place two days ago, I do agree that Tony could probably do a better job in booking the Rumble match. Hell, I could do a better job in booking a Rumble match if the car wreck we saw Saturday was the standard used. But in regards to the original question, AEW should stick with their own devices, the Casino Battle Royal, and be happy. Let WWE do their thing while AEW does their own.

Say WWE and AEW have a 5 wrestler trade. Which 5 go to AEW and which 5 go to WWE? (Tag teams count as 1).

To go to WWE from AEW, I would say Ricky Starks, Aaron Soho, Sammy Guevera, Wardlow, and Hook. To come to AEW from WWE, I’d go with Mustafa Ali, Cesaro, Ricochet, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have, just give me a shout and we’ll address them. They are very appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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