Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: MJF, Nia Jax, Andy Kaufman & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

MJF, Nia Jax, Andy Kaufman & More
February 6, 2022

I decided to write about professional wrestling because I never want to be rich or famous. So far, it’s working perfectly. And to keep that dream alive, it’s time to talk a bit about the world’s greatest form of entertainment. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it begins right now. Let’s do this.

Is MJF the best heel in wrestling?

I think Matt Cardona, given his recent antics in GCW, the NWA, and Impact Wrestling, might give him a run for the money, but I really can’t argue with your question. MJF stays in character be it on TV, on Twitter, at signings, and anytime he’s in public. He’s rude, crude, and does it so damn well. So I would have to agree that arguably, MJF is at the top of his game right now and is probably the best heel in wrestling right now.

Do you think this was the last we’ll see of “wriggles body and arms” Shane McMahon in any pro wrestling capacity? And if he were to return, when and how would it be feasible?

Shane is a McMahon and he’ll be back at WWE in some capacity eventually. When and where, I have no idea, but unlike most others, any transgressions will be easily forgiven and forgotten when he’s ready to show up on TV again.

At The World On GCW PPV, WWE music was used for both the introduction of Vince (Virgil in a Vince McMahon mask) and Sean Waltman. No Chance In Hell for Virgil and the DX Theme for Waltman. Are they in legal trouble?

I think that GCW had better hope that Jerry McDevitt wasn’t watching and doesn’t hear about this. GCW using WWE licensed music on a pay-per-view broadcast probably wasn’t a good idea. WWE may choose to ignore it, but if they decide to take GCW to the toolshed, they’ve got a solid case of copyright violations and infringement. This may be something to keep an eye on.

Mickie James defending the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship against Lita at Wrestlemania. How about it?

I’ve been saying this ever since the Rumble match and am definitely in favor of an Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship match at Mania. Mickie against Lita, since Lita is the one who eliminated her from the Rumble match, that makes sense too. I just hope someone in WWE is wise enough to see that this would be money and good P.R. for the WWE. I hope it happens.

Nia Jax is not vaccinated and claims that has a lot to do with why she was released from WWE. Was WWE right to release her due to her unvaxxed status?

I 100% support Nia’s right to not take the jab and have the Covid vaccine injected into her body. I feel the same way due to the medical issues that I have and my doctor’s advice. But was WWE right to fire her because of it? It’s not good, but they do have the right and I can see their reasoning. WWE is a multi-national corporation and regularly travels all over the world. Many countries are not permitting non-vaxed folks to enter, and hell, some flights, and some arenas are requiring proof of vaccination as well. If Nia can’t travel or be at different arenas, she’s a liability to the company. It sucks big time, but she technically would be in violation of her contract and unable to make scheduled appearances. If WWE chooses to terminate her deal then, they have the legal right to do so. As I said, it sucks big time, but it is what it is and WWE had all the power here and did what they thought was best overall for the company.

What was the greatest heel turn of all time?

Of all time, I’ll go with Zbyszko turning on Bruno way back in the early ’80s. The student turned on the teacher and he was a made man forever after.

Why do you think Hook is so over already?

A great look, great presentation, a good character, and less is more. AEW has handled Hook’s debut and everything since so well, it’s almost scary to see. Hook is the right guy at the right time and so far, AEW is playing it just right and the fans are reacting perfectly.

Does Andy Kaufman belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

A no-brainer question here. Yes, yes, and thousand times yes. Kaufman belongs. Cyndi Lauper belongs. And the late Regis Philbin belongs. All the other so-called celebrities? I have two words for them, and if you’re an old-school fan from the Attitude Era, you know exactly what words I mean.

Are you excited to see Goldberg back in the WWE to challenge Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber?

I’d rather watch paint dry, Riddle ride his scooter, The One Man Gang turn African again, or Marko Stunt battle James Ellsworth in a bra & panties match. At least, according to reports, this is Goldberg’s last contracted match with the WWE so hopefully, we won’t have to see him much anymore after this match. Goldberg was fun nostalgia at first, but it’s gotten old and stale. Time for WWE to move on to someone else.

And there you go. It’s time to wrap this up for the day. Any thoughts, comments, or questions you may have, feel free and give me a shout. Until the next time, be careful of any foreign objects and take care of yourself. I’ll see you at the matches.


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