Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Finn Balor, Danhausen, Alex Wright & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Finn Balor, Danhausen, Alex Wright & More
February 8, 2022

Let’s talk pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A, and it all starts right now.

Aside from the wrestlers mentioned in the Danielson promo, who would you like to see in the possible Moxley-Danielson faction?

Who would look good and benefit from a Mox/Dragon alliance and tutorials? How about Ricky Starks? Dante Martin could benefit as well, and hell, how about Brian Pillman Jr. These three young men are all good in that ring and can go with almost anyone, but they seem to need a little push to reach that next level. Having Mox or Danielson in their corner could work wonders and, given the rebellious nature of Starks and Pillman, create some great TV in the process. Those would be my picks.

Do you think there will be a WrestleMania match for Finn Balor and who will be his opponent? Who would be your dream opponent? I think he is one of the best, but sadly not used.

My gut says that if Balor does have a match at Mania, it will be as part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal match, which sadly, he won’t win. A dream opponent for Balor? AEW’s Sammy Guevera would make for a great match. They’re similar in size and wrestling styles and together, could make some great magic.

Of the wrestlers who escaped their WWE non-compete this week, who do you think will be the first to pop up in a new promotion?

A few have already started popping up in different Independent events, but as for the big companies, I think Keith Lee will be the first to really make an impact somewhere, most likely in AEW, and possibly as soon as tomorrow night on Dynamite.

If you could go back in time and take over WCW in its dying days, what would you do to turn it around?

An absolute and total reboot, much like Eric Bischoff was planning to do. And do whatever it takes to step past Time Warner management Jamie Kellner and secure a TV spot, even if it was on the Cartoon Network. What killed WCW was the TV deal getting taken away. Wrestling needs TV. And then, renegotiation of contracts with everyone to get the costs down. And so far as the wrestling goes, push the young guys (Natural Born Thrillers) and look for those two or three guys who can really make a difference and push them to the moon. And finally, fire Vince Russo.

How great was it to see the Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan stuff in and out of the ring and backstage?

It was a good moment to be sure. The love these two have for one another and their friendship is pretty obvious and I’d love to see WWE give Logan another chance and put her and Morgan together to boost up their tag team division for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. It would definitely be what’s best for business if you will.

Are you as worried about Danhausen just being tacked onto the best friends as I am?

I don’t AEW is quite sure what to do with Danhausen as of yet and is just throwing things up against the wall to see where he will fit in. The Best Friends? Probably not the best place for Mr. Hausen, but it’s better than nothing. If I had to put Mr. Hausen with a faction, I’d probably look more towards the Dark Order. After all, a feud between Evil Uno and Danhausen would be fun. Very evil, but very nice.

Do you think CM Punk should continue the feud with MJF?

They’ve only had one match so far so I would say absolutely, let the feud continue. Punk needs to get his win back, preferably through cheating just as MJF did to keep MJF strong, but keep things moving. And then a big blowoff match and then, much like Flair/Steamboat or Ole/Dusty, AEW would have a rivalry that they could keep going back to as needed. So yes, the chemistry is too good with these two to just let it go. Stretch it out and make that money because Punk versus MJF, that would definitely put plenty of butts in the seats.

Who had the better dance moves? Alex Wright “Das Wunderkin” or Disco Inferno?

Neither was, what I would call, a great dancer, but both guys had a unique set of moves that perfectly represented their characters. Disco had the better overall character in my opinion, and was the better, more well-rounded wrestler. Alex had the better look and was one sexy-ass dude. I’d dance with him anytime. So who was the better dancer? Fandango. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are most welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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