Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Surprises, Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle & More …

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

Surprises, Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle & More
February 9, 2022

Let’s talk wrestling. You have the questions and I have the answers. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

If you were booking Wrestlemania 38, what would be your top matches for each night?

For night one, I’d have Rousey versus Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship as the main event. And for the second night, it’s Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. These matches are no-brainers for me.

Who has a better chance of coming back to wrestling? Brian Kendrick or Joey Ryan?

Brian Kendrick. He said some stupid things, but given that it was ten years ago, and also how damn good Kendrick is as a performer, agent, trainer, etc, being dumb can be forgiven. Ryan’s problems are bigger in that he’s been accused of multiple sexual assaults, tried to sue everyone who accused him of anything, and tried to sue Impact Wrestling when he was terminated from their roster. I think he’s burned way too many bridges to ever sustain a comeback of any type.

Who do you think is the big surprise that Tony Khan is talking about to debut on Dynamite this Wednesday night?

Right now, my gut says either Jeff Hardy or Keith Lee. Since Jeff is technically under a no-compete with WWE right now, I’m leaning more towards Lee.

Kurt Angle says that he was supposed to be coming back to WWE for a short angle, but Vince pulled the plug. Thoughts?

While I’m disappointed for Angle in that he was probably looking forward to a few weeks of WWE action, not to mention the money, it’s probably for the best. I remember the last few times we saw Kurt in the ring for WWE and he was just a shadow of what he once was. The body is breaking down and for Kurt to step back into that ring at this point is risking serious injury and he doesn’t need that. And if it was only a non-contact role, where he acts as an advisor or coach, that would be better, but Kurt again, isn’t what he once was and I’m afraid that the temptation to “make it better by taking a big bump” would be too much. I think Vince made the right call here.

Let’s say Roman gets BOTH Belts at Mania ’22. Is RAW gonna just create another belt for their show, as they did before?

I seriously doubt it. If Roman does happen to get both titles at Mania, most likely he’ll just carry both belts, as Becky Lynch did when she held both Women’s Championships, and be Roman Two-Belts.

What are the most cringe-worthy moments you ever saw or heard of in storylines? For me, it may be the infamous Gobblity Gooker.

Cringe-worthy? Remember the Ding Dongs? How about wrestling a blow-up sex doll or a small child in front of a live audience? I remember seeing Enforcer Luciano eating light bulbs on live television. Pat Patterson being stripped down on a live RAW and a big brown stain in the back of his underwear. Big Bossman, Al Snow, and Pepper. Robo-Cop. Chuckie threatening Rick Steiner. Katie Vick. Vince McMahon versus GOD. Pro wrestling is so full of cringe-worthy moments, I’m not sure where to start.

Booker T versus Mick Foley. Who wins?

All apologies to Mrs. Foley’s baby boy, but Booker would be doing spinner-roonies all the way to the pay window after picking up the big win.

“Triple Threat Match” Ivan Koloff, Ernie Ladd, Super Star Billy Graham
vs. The Fabulous Freebirds. Who wins?

If we’re talking about the real Freebirds, consisting of Hayes, Gordy, and Roberts, this one would be a walk on Badstreet and as good as The Russian Bear, the Big Cat, and the Superstar are, the bad boys from Atlanta, GA would come out on top. But if we’re talking about the latter-day version, of Hayes, Gordy, and Jimmy Garvin, I’d expect to see the team of Koloff, Ladd, and Graham take the win, pinning Garvin after Ladd nails him with his “injured thumb”. Jimmy takes the fall, but as he would say in his defense, “It’s not my fault!”.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you on Badstreet, USA.


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