Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Adam Cole, Mustafa Ali, Vader & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Adam Cole, Mustafa Ali, Vader & More
February 11, 2022

Let’s talk about the world’s greatest form of entertainment. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Since Adam Cole will be challenging Adam Page for the title next, who do you think should win? Do you prefer the cowboy to retain or BayBay should be the next champion, and why?

While I’m a fan of Adam Page, I think that when Page and Cole meet, it will be Adam Cole, BayBay, taking the win and becoming the new Champion. I’d prefer to see Page keep the title, but for the most part, he seems to be a forgotten champion and there’s no buzz or energy when he comes out. Cole has more fire, more build, and more of an upside right now. Page seems to be better for the chase, but as the actual champion, it just isn’t working for me.

What do you think is going to happen to Mustafa Ali? He’s such a great talent. Vince says that he “sees value” in Ali and so has refused to release him. Is Ali likely to be stuck in a WWE contract for years or will they let him go in the next round of cuts?

I think that Ali will be sitting around in catering for a while longer until any momentum he may have is gone and forgotten. Ali’s approach to getting released seems to have irked WWE management, aka Vince, and Vince is a stubborn old man. He’ll hold on to Ali’s contract for as long as he wants just out of spite.

If Austin Theory vs Shane happens at Mania, does a hooded figure interfere to give Shane the win, just for it to be revealed to be Vince on raw, only so he could say “it’s me Austin”?

That would be awesome. Unfortunately, Shane is gone now and this question is outdated. I just decided to include it anyhow because that would be a great image and moment if it did happen, “It was me Austin. It was me all along!”.

Also, who do you think is more likely to turn on the Impact, Rhyno or Eddie Edwards?

Who will turn on the Impact wrestlers and join the Ring of Honor crowd to give them all contracts? I’ll go with Eddie Edwards on being a traitor of no honor. Rhyno can’t do it because it would hurt the feelings of Heath and his family if Rhyno went bad. And no one wants to see that because Heath has kids.

What’s your opinion on WWE more than likely going with the unification title match for Wrestlemania? If you were booking it, would you go in that direction and if not, what direction would you go in for the WWE title?

I keep hearing that WWE will be doing the title unification stuff between Brock & Roman, but if I was the one booking it, I would go the other direction. I’d rather have two title matches, thus having more bang for the buck than just one. Give the fans two big matches and two stories getting the big payoff instead of just one title match. It’s the biggest show of the year so make it as big as possible. Two title matches are bigger than one so there you go.

What is the likelihood that WWE will put forth more effort into character development and storylines vs bringing back nostalgia acts to compensate for their inability to produce stars?

It’s the WWE and while building stronger characters with the younger talent makes more sense and would be the better option for the company, WWE will keep going back to the well, again and again, using older names and the nostalgia factor. All of that is well and good to a point, but it won’t keep working. That being said, WWE will keep doing it because that’s what Vince wants and the likelihood of building new characters, is either slim or none.

Will this be the year Vader is finally inducted to the HOF? He’s my favorite to fantasy book and more than deserving. Seriously, imagine a prime Vader vs Samoa Joe?! It’s so rad.

Let’s hope that Vader finally gets his just due and gets that induction he so well deserves. I don’t know if this will be the year or not, but I hope so. As for Vader in his prime versus Samoa Joe in his prime, I agree. That match would be excellent to see and very “rad” as you say.

In the wake of the Shane firing (since that was definitely gonna end with Shane v Kevin at Wrestlemania), what direction do you think they will take Kevin now? What would you do?

I’m sure that Kevin will get a good match for Mania, but as to who it may be, there is no telling with WWE. I’d love to see him and Sami team up and go after tag team gold, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Maybe a United States title match against Damian Priest? It’s WWE though as I said, and they once had Edge fight Booker T over a shampoo commercial.
As for what actually happens, we’ll have to wait and see.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions that you may have are welcome and appreciated. Give me a shout and we’ll talk. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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