Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: NXT UK, FTR, Keith Lee & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
NXT UK, FTR, Keith Lee & More
February 12, 2022

Let’s talk wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Do you think WWE can fix the NXT UK brand or will it just disappear in 2 years like the cruiserweight division?

Could WWE fix the NXT UK brand? Most likely, but will they? That’s the big question and I really don’t think that they will give that brand the kind of attention it deserves. Now that the NXT brand is back to being a developmental brand for WWE, the only attention it’s going to get is the bare minimum. The focus for Vince, Bruce Prichard, and WWE management will be the main roster first, and then the NXT shows more as afterthoughts than anything else. If you like the NXT UK brand, you’d better enjoy it now because I doubt it’ll be around two years from now.

Why does AEW keep beating FTR into powder? They’re the real best tag team in AEW.

I agree with you. FTR is arguably the best tag team in pro wrestling today and yet AEW keeps booking them to lose. I think this is done more to put other teams over and build them up than as a slam to FTR. Tony Khan and AEW management realize that FTR is so good that losing a match here and there won’t hurt them. They’re just that good. Win or lose, FTR always puts on great matches and makes their opponents look great as well. They don’t have to win all the time because we all know how good they really are. I would like to see them win more often and maybe carry some AEW Tag Team gold, but they’re carrying the AEW tag team scene on their shoulders and don’t need to win every match. Just looking good is enough for now.

With Jay White now coming in as requested by Adam Cole to mess with Kenny Omega, do you think Kenny is coming back soon?

I think we’ll be seeing Kenny back sooner rather than later and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see The Sweeper back in the AEW ring at the next PPV event, AEW Revolution, on March 6, 2022, in Orlando, Florida.

Do you think Ronda Rousey will be the sixth entrant into the Elimination Chamber and get a shot at both Becky and Charlotte?

Ronda winning the Elimination Chamber and then giving us a rematch from Wrestlemania 35 with both belts on the line at Mania? That sounds good to me and I’d love to see it happen. I don’t think it will though. I can’t see Rousey making that trip to Saudi Arabia to wrestle in the Elimination Chamber match. If it was a regular show here in the U.S., I could see it, but that crazy travel, especially for Rousey, who just became a new mother back in September, I can’t see it happening.

Make a five-person faction. One man from the 80s, one man from the 90s, one man from the 00s, one man from the 10s. One woman from any time (you can choose if she’ll be an active wrestler or just a manager).

From the ’80s, how about The Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie). For the ’90s, Barry Windham. From the ’00s, I’d add Christian. For the ’10s era, Bray Wyatt. And my female manager, I’d pick Woman. And the group name would be Poison!

How far could Keith Lee throw the Batmobile?

More likely eat the Batmobile than throw it, but if his match at Dynamite was any indication, probably be a pretty good distance.

Now that Keith Lee is in AEW, would you be more interested in him versus Powerhouse Hobbs or him vs Miro?

It’s nothing against Hobbs, but I would like to see Lee versus Miro. I was always a big fan of Miro during his Rusev days, and I’ve hated the way he’s been booked thus far in AEW, but in spite of that, a match with these two men couldn’t help but be epic. Smashmouth brutality and just power versus power. Win or lose, it would help jump-start Miro’s AEW career and move him back up the card where he deserves to be. So yes, Lee versus Miro? Book it, Tony.

If you could make a wrestling faction out of any of your favorite childhood characters/shows, who’d be in it?

A faction from the TV shows I loved as a kid? We’d have The Six Million Dollar Man (Steve Austin), The Incredible Hulk (The Hulk), The Bionic Woman (Jaime Sommers), Happy Days (Fonzie), and Mork & Mindy (Mork). Two bionic people, a green monster, a really cool dude, and an alien. Give us a manager like the late Ernie Roth, aka The Grand Wizard, and we’d be unstoppable.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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